It was raining outside and she was dreaming about a fish. But as she went outside to take a walk, she found nothing other than sheer cold winds blowing furiously. She was just a baby and as she tried to get inside, couldn’t open the door by herself. I am talking about a kitten that is standing outside her home and is very eager to get back in her warm basket. So will you help her to get back in?

I am talking about the latest Android app called “Let The Cat In”. Your job is to open the door but not with your hands. There is a very complex mechanism working behind the door that you’ll have to solve. The mechanism is like a puzzle which consists of pulleys, shelves, a ball and some more objects. These objects act like obstacles which you’ll have to overcome to open the door.


The job will open up when the rope attached to it is pulled with the help of a lever. To pull this lever, the ball must hit it first to activate it. But this ball has another job to do and that is to collect all the stars. After all, these stars will get you the high score in each level. So, the whole arrangement depends upon the position of the ball and the number of obstacles in between. You have some extra shelves to place anywhere on the wall. These shelves can be rotated as well. If you succeed to get all the stars and open the door, you get 3 stars. Otherwise, you lose points accordingly.

There are around 120 levels in total which are distributed in between 3 different doors. The second and third doors will open only after you have gathered enough points in the first stage or you can unlock them via in-app purchases. There are 3 different levels of difficulty and the higher you go; the more challenging it becomes. This game is certain to keep you full for hours or maybe days.

The graphics of this game are sharp, colourful and vibrant. But it’s mostly a big-screen game and will show its true colours on a tab or a high-end phone. Otherwise, the playfield becomes a little bit congested due to so many different elements present at the screen.


Apart from addictive gameplay and vibrant graphics, the app has many achievements as well to unlock. There are some achievements related to your Facebook posts as well. So if you’re socially active a lot, there’s something to check out for you in there. To add more content to the story, there are 10 different cute cats that you can get to choose from the in-app store.

Overall, Let The Cat In is a very interesting and addictive game. The gameplay is very original, unique and fun to play. You can buy it for nothing from the Play Store as it’s available for free!

Pros: vibrant graphics; addictive and challenging gameplay; 120 levels to play; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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