It is safe to argue that mobile phone games have been one of the major talking points as far as technology is concerned. Elemelons is a popular game, which can be freely downloaded from the App Store. It challenges you to develop fast swiping and thinking skills. To make the puzzle more enchanting, its developer Andrea Probst incorporated a simple gameplay and a quirky storyline.

App Features

Elemelons was developed to challenge mobile phone gamers who think that their swiping skills are unbeatable. It is basically a game that involves color matching. It features stationery melons, which must be swiped across the screen to match their precise color wall. As you play, the game speeds up until moving melons start popping up. Redirecting the moving melons to the correct wall becomes more challenging. More moving melons pop up on the screen as you progress further with the game.

The standout feature of the Elemelons iPhone app is the instruction guide that indicates how you should play. Besides this, the guide also reveals how you can use special power-ups that form part of this exciting game. The score is equally indicated on the screen so that you can evaluate your progress.

App Layout and Playtime

The main idea behind this game was color coding. As a result, its layout and graphics are simple. There are also guiding instructions that can meant to show first-time gamers their way around. The developer must be commended for making an effort to make the game’s characters detailed. The app’s simple homepage makes navigation easy. Elemelons’ elementary graphics blend well with its overall feel.

Elemelons has a leaderboard, which adds an extra level whenever you hit a high score. You can level take a selfie when a play session comes to an end, something that makes it suitable for gamers who want to brag to their friends about their achievement with swiping the melons.

Despite the fact that the app can be downloaded for free on the App Store, users have the option of improving it through in-app purchases for more game time. It is highly unlikely that you will be tempted to make the purchases since the game is relatively easy. When playing, there is an occasional game-lag, which you might find annoying. This is frustrating since it can prevent you from attaining high scores.


· The game is easy to download and play since it has uncomplicated graphics.

· Gamers can gauge their performance against fellow players in different parts of the world via an interactive platform.

· The presence of leaderboards keeps you literally glued to your phone’s screen

· Has a humorous storyline.

· Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPads.


· The game lags at some point, which is quite frustrating.

· It is only compatible with iOS 6 and above.


For a game this enchanting, it is worth downloading. Those who choose to download Elemelons will not find anything to complain about. By virtue of being relatively new, more improvements are expected. This will make it exciting all the more.

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