Have you ever talked to a stranger or flirted a guy or a girl? Did you crush upon anybody or fallen in love at the first sight? Absolutely, you might have! If you haven’t done any of the above things then you haven’t enjoyed your life. Maybe you feel hesitated or feel shy when you try to flirt someone or don’t like these kind of games at all! Am I right? However, if you want to flirt and date someone, then I have a social media platform for you which will not only entertain you, but also relieve all of your stress and is good for you. That platform is called Koko: Vote, Chat & Flirt your way into a Hot date. You can say it as on online social experience unlike anything else out there.

Koko has been developed by Ideawise Ltd. The app is compatible with all the latest version of the Android Operating System running in your device. I can’t say that Koko is the best dating app on this Earth, but doing its best to become the latest sensation in the market. The best part of Koko is that it’s free to download, and no moronic swiping or trophy collecting is involved.

To begin with Koko, you need to download this app on your Android device and complete your profile. Then after, you can look for other people whom you want to date with. Koko will help you find that person by introducing you to cool, sexy and real people directly. Moreover, you’ll meet people who are matching your thoughts or you can say like-minded people in reality. What else you want? This app might not take dating too seriously, but will guide you fully through the process of getting that date. Just like a boss!

Koko is not meant only for singles, but anyone having any gender male, female, gay, lesbian, etc. So it’s totally a fun for everyone. You can take a personality quiz to find your best and worst matches and go for a date. With Koko, the matches are made in food porn heaven. The interface of the app is really cool and it’s super addictive, which makes this app attract the users.

If you’re interested in someone you adore, then Koko brings you that much closer to your date. All you need is to click and notify your crush too.

If you don’t have a crush right now then you can vote for other users. May be you get a chance of flirting with a crush in between the process.

Remember, Koko is not a fake app and is not meant for just a time pass. It digs real faces, smiles, and your facial expressions. I think this is one of the major drawbacks of other apps which don’t introduce real people. But Koko is an app that you can trust upon!

Any kind of harassment, inappropriate sexual advances are prohibited on this app. So play it safely with fun and a little flirting. Go for it now!

Pros: dating app; meet real people; fun for everyone; offers a personality quiz to find a match; vote for your crush; welcomes people of any gender; easy to use; awesome graphics; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Worth Having App – Download the App