What was your favorite game in your childhood? You know, those days there were no online games, so children used to play physical games. One game enjoyed by all children is Carrom; you, too, must have played this interesting board game. In this age of technology, most of those games are available online.

Carrom Stars, developed by jungle games, is your favorite game of Carrom that you can play  anywhere anytime on your mobile phone. Though you can’t carry a Carrom board everywhere, you can definitely download and install Carrom Stars on your phone and enjoy Carrom gaming with it wherever you like! With this amazing game, you won’t miss Carrom anymore. You just need to download the app from the App Store and you can start playing the game. 

Carrom, a strike-and-pocket game, is very similar to Billiards, though you need to use your finger and thumb to pocket your Carrom pieces instead of using a stick. Carrom can be played by everyone regardless of age. In this brand-new Carrom avatar called Carrom Stars, you can play with players from all over the world.

In Carrom your aim is to pocket all your carom men, and of course the queen, by hitting them with the striker, which you flick with you finger! The Queen (red piece) needs to be covered by pocketing another puck immediately after it. Pocketing the striker is a foul.

To play Carrom Stars, you can log in using your Facebook account or mobile number, or play as a guest. You can choose games from 3 different rooms. The controls of the game are very real and smooth and you can easily aim and shoot. You can challenge players from across the globe and become a Carrom star by beating your opponents. This brilliant game uses advanced physics and AI to give you an awesome experience of real-life Carom gaming while you play Carrom board online. You get free chips to play and can buy more chips from the in-app store.

Carrom Stars lets you play the game online with any random players, or you can play alone in the Practice mode initially to master differ shots and maximize your chances of winning against real players. If you are a new player and playing Carrom for the very first time, you can start playing at the beginner’s level to become familiar with game controls before moving on to the more challenging intermediate and advanced levels.

With carom Stars, you can easily play all the shots that you play on a physical Carrom board. The graphics of the app are fully HD and the interface is intuitive and user-friendly in nature. You can also refer this game to your friends and get unique rewards.

So download Carrom Stars and start playing your favorite childhood game again.

Pros: Looks and feels like a physical Carrom board; multiplayer game; uses AI and advanced physics; Practice mode and Multiplayer mode; awesome entertainment; free to download and play.

Cons: None.

Worth Having App – Download the App