Mathematics plays a vital role in everyone of our life and it leads us to move with flaw less journey. We are almost calculative in every situation to meet out our daily routines, whether you like or dislikes mathematics will have a thick bond with everyone’s life. Learning things with fullest joy will never goes out from your mind. On keeping this in mind, Tappuma has a released an app for the kids to learn their basic skills in counting with lot of joy. 

Counting for Kids – is  a spectacular app for kids. Counting the numbers is a very basic skill that every kid should learn. The counting skill will improve the lateral and logical thinking to your future Einstein. Your child will learn how to count and how to pronounce from this app with loads of fun. They will learn counting with thirty different types of animals. Its not only help to learn counting but also to know the different types of animals, it’s a good opportunity for the kids to have a parallel learning with fun. 

The stunning graphics and joyful music will attract the child and you may discover the joy of learning as they tap and count along. The menu interface was designed simple and child friendly.  This app has published and available in four different languages like  English, French, Spanish and Dutch. The exciting narration given by the native speakers is one more feather added to its crown.

Counting for kids app is available for all Android users in the Google Play Store and its optimised for all tablets and smart phones. Once you done with this app, you just forget about the teaching ache of counting to your kids.

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