The craze for reading books is catching up again. However, there is a major change this time with the replacement of hard-bound books by e-books. Due to their easy availability and convenience, these have gained in popularity. Despite all these advantages, these e-books are slightly expensive. The Android app Binibook has excellent functions, inferring the title of one of the top e-book apps available for Android.


Upon first opening this app, it is quite evident that simplicity is a key feature of this app. This translates to easy reading for people of all ages. At first, you can view your library. Beginning with an empty one, you can fill it up with books of your choice from the Binibook store. Browsing for books requires a simple click of a button. Their collection is quite varied and is sure to suit your taste, no matter how unique be it. There are numerous categories including fiction, adventure, mystery and more. You just have to take your pick and download the ones you wish to read.


Besides just being an e-book store, Binibook has additional features. You can also write for the app. Irrespective of what your motive to write is, you can visit the website and publish your works onto the app for online viewing. Let go of the aspiring writer within you. Not only do you get to share your writings, but you can also make some quick money with what you write. This feature gives Binibook an edge over all other Android e-book apps. Some books published on this app have become quite famous indeed.

The simple background of plain white with words in bold black give the app a classic and yet simple, easy-going look. It allows for clear viewing irrespective of the image quality. Most of the books on the app are available free of cost. Books are marked up after a particular number of downloads. The offline reading option adds a lot of value to the app indeed.


A major drawback of this app is that most of its publications are in Spanish. All said and done, this is bad in the English dominated world of books. The market is also largely shrunk down owing to this. Also, popular mainstream books are not to be seen on this app. This is one of the major factors holding it back from reaching to a wider customer base. Other features like highlighting of words and flipping pages like in a real book are missing. However, this goes with the simplicity theme of the app. Addition of a few of these functions would help the app make tremendous progress too.

The design of this app is quite refreshing. So is its layout and simplicity. Downloading books from the store is very easy too. Overall, the app scores well and is worth giving a try. If you wish to get started on reading or are already an avid reader, this app is something you ought to have. Writers have been provided with an excellent opportunity to showcase their talents as well.

Good: Easy downloads

Bad: Not many mainstream books

Worth Having Application –  Download the App