If you’ve arrived at this blog post, you’ve probably already decided that you want a web-based video editor rather than an editing app that you must download and install. However, when it comes to web-based video editors, servers that are someone else’s computers do the heavy lifting of video processing.

Animoto Web-Based Video Editor

It is all about “storyboard templates,” which are intended to assist you in logically structuring your video. Animoto has templates for promo videos, slideshows, motivational videos, and anything else you might add to your Facebook feed. You can also easily create a video from scratch. Voice-overs are easily added, and there is an extensive, well-organized collection of background music to choose from.

Key Features

Numerous social media integration features allow you to share your video across the web easily. The software includes a small set of Instagram-style filters applied to video clips. You can adeptly save your video files in different sizes, which is helpful if you want to save bandwidth or preview your video on your phone.

While this platform can create personal videos, it is a business-oriented product. Overall, Animoto is a straightforward programme to learn and use. Animoto will feel very familiar if you’ve ever used presentation software.

Add your photos and video clips to create a few simple steps. Create a coherent and compelling story from your video clips and footage collection. Animoto’s cropping and trimming tools make it simple to edit your video.

Like most other “social media video editors”, Animoto is all about marketing and social site integration. The emphasis is clearly on driving traffic to your websites and social networks rather than particularly creative video editing. The Professional and Business plans include a Getty Images subscription and an easy way to import any photo from that massive library into your video if you need stock images. If you think video is part of your marketing strategy, you can undoubtedly use Animoto, a popular web-based video editor.

Web App: Animoto