When playing online bingo some players prefer the versatility of a mobile or desktop app rather than playing in the browser. As technology has continued to grow rapidly over the past few decades, we have seen an increase in the number of online bingo sites developing accessible apps for players to play easily on their mobile or tablet devices. This allows players to enjoy their favourite bingo games on the move, rather than needing a desktop to play the games that they love. But how do you know which bingo app is the right one for you? Here, we’re looking at what you should be seeking in a bingo app to make sure that it suits your gaming needs.

Range Of Games

As with any bingo lover, the more games that you can play the better. Finding a bingo app that has a whole range of games and different variants of bingo can help to make sure that your gameplay experience is fun, exciting and can be continued for a long time. There’s certainly no getting bored of bingo when you have a wide range of games to choose from!

Good Quality Gameplay

Of course, when you’re playing the vast range of bingo games on the app of your choosing, you want to make sure that you’re going to enjoy good quality gameplay. Particularly with bingo, it’s important that the graphics quality is high so that you’re able to see exactly what numbers are being called, and the gameplay should be quick to mimic that of a real-life bingo hall. Any slow sites or potential jumping imagery and gameplay could lead you to lose the game as you may miss the numbers as they are called. Your connection may play a big part in that as well as the capabilities of the device that you’re running it from to maximise performance but knowing that the gameplay is already great quality before you sign up can give you a head start.


Ensuring that the site and app that you’re looking to play on are fully secure is important to ensure you’re protected against fraud and your personal information is kept secure. On a bingo site, details such as your full name and often a form of identification such as a passport or similar, and your bank details are all submitted as part of the sign-up process. This means they could be accessible to people trying to break into your account if the site isn’t secure. You can improve the security of your account yourself through strong passwords and usernames (and making sure that your personal information isn’t included within any of these for example) but keeping an eye on the security settings on the app before you begin the process of signing up and depositing can help to keep you safe as you play.

Finding the best bingo app for you can help to increase your gameplay and sometimes even your odds of winning, so make sure that you’ve run these checks before you start playing, today!