It is known fact in recent years we have experienced that multiplayer VR explode in entertaining manner. Something assisted by the increased accessibility of consumer VR devices. We are going to come across some of the Best multiplayer VR games to play in 2021.

Gorilla Tag

Entertaining on the edge of meme and eSport, Gorilla Tag almost describes itself qualitatively well. In this game you are a gorilla and you are playing tag with other gorillas. But who knew embodying a great ape would be such kind of a blast? It is controlled entirely with your hands; also you will find yourself throwing yourself around a map to evade catchers. Moreover seeing you climb trees, hang and hop around freely. More amazingly with microphones enabled, this game is splendid blast. Even if some of the crowd it wholly attracts can sometimes not exactly be same PC.

Pavlov VR

If people are eagerly searching for a more traditional shooter affair, Pavlov VR should be on your taste to try. Primarily drawing several design language from CS: GO and other classic shooters, Pavlov has been one of the best VR shooters for a long time. It has mix with the thrills of military simulation, Pavlov is the quality VR shooter on steam.

Eleven Table Tennis

It is one of the prime examples of this, with acumen developers For Fun Labs making out all the stops to make splendid realistic and fun version of table tennis in VR. With the immense ability to play against the computer or other players, this fame title will experience you sharpen your real-world table tennis skills which is acing opponents in VR.


We know that Battle Royale is a genre that has developed familiar culture from films to games to TV. But there is nothing plays adeptly like POPULATION: ONE which duly brings the great inducing thrills of Battle Royale to virtual reality.

They are available across devices, POPULATION: ONE differentiates itself by permitting players to climb anything and actively fly through the map with ease, aptly adding a level of verticality rarely seen in Battle Royales. Whether you’re searching to squad up with your friends or simply enjoy some nail-biting action, POPULATION: ONE is best to try.

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