Considering many people have terabytes worth of storage on their hard drives nowadays, they tend to be less and less concerned with storage space. That being said, video can still eat up a big chunk of it – especially high definition (HD) videos in 1080p. On top of that, while your desktop PC may have terabytes worth of storage, your mobile devices probably only have somewhere between 16 and 64 gigabytes of storage instead – so being able to reduce the file size of your videos will definitely come in handy one way or another.

While you may be under the impression that reducing the file size of videos is a drawn out and complicated process, the fact is that the Movavi Video Converter actually makes it rather simple. With its intuitive user interface, you will be able to dramatically reduce your video file sizes in just a matter of minutes and by taking the following steps:


  1. Click ‘Add Video’ and select the video you want.
  2. Open the ‘Convert to’ dropdown menu and select the most appropriate preset from the list available. If you just want to generally reduce the video file size, choose MP4.
  3. Find the estimated size in the ‘Output’ column and click it. When you do you’ll see a slider that allows you to set your preferred file size to the value that you want.
  4. After you’ve set the file size, choose the ‘Destination’ folder and then click ‘Convert’ to start the conversion process.

The presets that are available with the Movavi Video Converter will help optimize your video for various devices and platforms – including mobile devices too. By also setting the preferred file size however, you’ll be altering the ‘bitrate’ of the video, which will affect the quality somewhat as well. Once the conversion is done, go over the final video to make sure the quality is still acceptable.
If you like you could take advantage of the Movavi Video Converter’s other features to enhance the quality in various ways, or even crop and rotate, create animated GIFs, extract the audio from a video, insert customizable text – and much more. The sheer number of options that are at your disposal will probably surprise you, and when you reduce video file size you should also take a moment to explore some of them and see if they’d be of any use to you.