EmailEx provides a complete set of validated and verified founder emails. EmailEx is a team of professionals who search for verified founders by analyzing the data of millions of domains registered daily with inbound lead information. Users can then send customized email campaigns at scale, boosting sales pipelines.

How Does It Work?

Lead Refinement

Every day, they receive around 100k domain registrations with lead information. They spent hours refining this list to find verified contact information for the founders.

Names + Emails

On average, they track around 3k refined founders per day. They include their emails and phone numbers, which significantly increase the success rate of your outbound campaigns.

Increase Your Customer Base

Drag and drop our reports into your favourite CRM or email outreach programme to launch a personalized campaign instantly. Get a slew of sales leads on autopilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many domains/leads are included in the daily report?

After refining the main lists, we keep around 2,000-3000 new leads. The main list includes 20-30k emails.

What information is contained in the lead list?

The domain name, registration date, the full name of the lead, first and last name, email, phone number, country, and so on.

Is it possible to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription to your account at any time. You will not be charged the following month if you cancel your subscription. You will have access to your account until the end of your current subscription.

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