If you have something unique, like a skill or talent, then iPrize will help you showcase it and let people know how special you are.

Contests are the best way to show off your talents, skills or knowledge in front of a large audience. By taking part in a contest you can win real money or gift cards. You can also get new business ideas or just have fun with your friends by playing games.

iPrize is a platform that helps people to create their own contests and quizzes. The platform also provides users with the ability to earn real money for their talent. iPrize is an easy way to get your skills and talents out there. It is a platform that offers you the opportunity to get paid for the skills or talent you have.

The best part about the iPrize platform is that it’s free for everyone. You can sign up and create your own contests, quizzes or enter them in other people’s contests. You can also get new business ideas or earn real money by taking part in quizzes.

Create your own contests, show off your talents and skills, take part in quizzes, get new business ideas or earn real money with iPrize!

Who uses iPrize?

  • Anybody who wants to showcase their talents and skills to the world;
  • Any interest groups and organizations;
  • HR managers and directors, business coaches;
  • Event Agencies;
  • Business owners;
  • Students and organizers of student events;
  • Fan clubs;
  • Family and friends;
  • Anybody who wants to earn money, and many others …

What you can do with iPrize app:

  • Create contests only for your chosen group of people, on any topic and for any age (birthdays, parties with friends, weddings, anniversaries, etc.);
  • Hold competitions for team building, presentations or meetings, choose the best employee of the company (logo, slogan, story, etc.) by voting;
  • Increase your brand awareness, advertise your product or service, and get new ideas for your business;
  • Increase loyalty and activity of existing consumers by creating contests with prizes;
  • Gain creative and intellectual ideas in educational and other institutions, hold competitions between students;
  • Earn points and convert them into money (for creating contests, for winning them, for every like, etc.).
  • iPrize app is now available in English, Russian, French, Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese.

Take Away

I’ve been using iPrize for over a year now and I love it! It’s easy to use, so I can create contests for my friends or family members. They have a great interface, are easy to use and it’s really affordable. It’s perfect for events with small budgets where you need to find a way to get your guests excited about the event without breaking the bank. My favourite part is that you can customize the prize pool and the entry requirements. I’ve used it to create birthday contests, anniversary contests, and more. It’s also really affordable – you seriously get a lot of bang for your buck with this app!