BeLight Software has created the program for iOS to help with new renovations to your home or redesign the interior of your exciting home. It gives you a large range of tools to help you visualize what you would like done to your home.

It provides you pre-designed templates that will get you up and running quickly. The drag and drop interface makes it user-friendly and a tutorial guides you through the program, making things extremely easy for the amateur.

Starting with a floor plan, you then build the walls and slowly your home starts to take shape. You drag and drop in the windows and doors, add wallpaper, paint walls, add carpeting, and furniture for a recreation of the room. Another feature is that you can trace imported images.

Once you have completed your design, it automatically builds the room in 3D, If you are not happy with some elements you can change it with the drop and drag application. Add in your geolocation to get an idea of how the natural lighting effects the room. You are able to adjust the brightness of the room with the adjustable lighting tool.

It has a split mode that gives you both the 2D and 3D layouts of the room. Either way, it is visually stunning and a great replica of what you can expect your room to look is easier and simpler to move pictures around, recreate the wall color than to drag your furniture around and go paint color hunting with swatches of paint on the walls. Only to find that the color is all wrong and the wall unit makes the room look lopsided.

You are able to share your project by exporting files in PNG, JPEG, BMP, and TIFF format. Your family and friends can get a 360 walk-through of your room or through your home as the total, inside of your home can be transformed into a 3D model and made to tour the house. You are able to download any missing 3D model from the online storage. It is easy to download models off the Internet add them to your project, in these formats:- Google Earth KM- Autodesk FBX – Sweet Home 3D – 3D Studio- Wavefront OBJ- Collada It has an autosave to ensure that you do not lose your project while working on it. You need to have Windows 10 installed. it supports Mac Ios and Windows.
The Pro is a paid and has no restrictions while the standard version is free but has some restrictions on import/export of 3D models. The only drawback it has is limited tools for landscaping for a complete design of both exterior and interior. Creating your home in real time can be fun, touring your home even before it is a reality is amazing. The Trimble 3D Warehouse has loads of interior designs while the cameras catch every corner of your new home.
The documentation and video tutorials are a bit shoddy, but it will save you an enormous amount of time, and energy. There are video tutorials on YouTube that can assist you as you work through the program. Overall, it is a great program for the novice interior decorator or for a once off home project.

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