Vehicles Cloud is here for you to make proper planning of maintenance for your vehicle. This application comes in the market with the intention to provide a smooth operation for getting certified maintenance. No matter you are a vehicle owner or a mechanic, this platform is for all.


Talking about the functionality of this application, it is full of simplicity approach. To understand the working of this app let’s have a look at the below steps.

  • Install & download the app
  • Make your profile in this app
  • Now through garage option add your vehicle’s information
  • After that, others will be able to see your vehicle’s information
  • If you are a mechanic you can make your own profile and contact customers
  • Whenever you add service point to the co-workers of a vehicle, on your behalf he or she could create the certified service.

The app works in a dual manner. If you are a user you could easily add the vehicle to the garage and if you are a mechanic you could easily contact the customers. When you will add your vehicle’s information in this application, you will be able to collaborate with others for the same.

Key features of Vehicles Cloud:

  • My Calendar – With the help of this feature you could easily schedule an event
  • Notification – To get the latest notification this section is useful
  • Garage – To add any vehicle, you could easily add a vehicle in this section
  • Service Point – 
  • Glyph – You could easily add a nice glyph to the vehicles
  • Reaching service point – It’s easy to reach a service point with the help of this feature. There are more contacts and social media information.
  • User interface – You will see a good user-interface in this app. There will be a choice in dark/light mode.
  • Personal ID – You will get the personal ID with a dedicated profile.

Merits of using this application:

The benefits of this application mainly reflecting vehicles, its owner & mechanic. With the help of this application, the owner could increase the value of his or her respective vehicle. Other than that the mechanic could easily contact the customer. Its new feature makes it more user-friendly with a good interface.


Vehicles Cloud is a classic application that makes it easy to grab the certified service with few taps on mobile. It is a good application for all vehicle owners who want to hike their vehicles life.

Summary: Vehicles Cloud is one of the apps that provide an easy way of grabbing the certified service and increasing the vehicle’s value.

  • Graphics: 5
  • Usability: 5
  • Features: 4.5
  • Accessibility: 4.5

Worth Having App – Download the App