Crazy Conductor is an app from LZ software on the iPhone platform. It is available as a free app in the games category. The plot consists of saving the Crazy Conductor, known as Cecil Noteworthy. He has conceived a crazy idea of destroying the world with a composition of notes. The player has to get hold of the notes, as they are dropped down the rooftop. However, the important notes are hidden among the groups of notes and you need to catch all of them in order to stop him from implementing his evil plot.



  • The game is offered in two modes, consisting of the Memory Mode; the Real Time Mode.
  • In the Real time mode, the player has to keep a watch on the notes as they appear on the top portion of the wall and then catch them as they fall to the lower portion of the wall. The notes keep falling till you have got all of them. They stop if you miss one. In case you are able to catch all the notes, the speed of dropping the notes increases along with the length of the tune.
  • Newer challenges are released at every stage till you make it to the Boss stages.
  • In case of the Memory mode, you can first watch the Crazy Conductor playing different notes and then he starts to drop them. You need to memorize the notes that he had chosen and then start catching them. If the player is successful in catching all the notes, the same tune is played again along with a note towards the end. The tune keeps on growing till you catch all the notes and it is a question of the number of notes that the player can remember.


  • The player can get a gold star for catching each note for both the modes of the game. Every time you reach fifteen gold stars, you get an additional five stars.
  • Players can use these stars for obtaining tools that can assist them to catch all the notes and not miss any of them.
  • The game is available in several languages apart from English, including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and several others.
  • The size of the game app is 50.1 MB and the latest version is the 2.0.0
  • It is compatible with the iPhone or the iPod touch as well as the iPad.


The Good

Crazy Conductor is an interesting game that offers a tutorial for the different modes of the game. The game is also offered in modes of beginner, easy as well as intermediate levels. You can get gold stars for your achievements at each level. The story offered is an animated one.

The Bad

The app requires an iOS of 6.0 or something later and is optimized for the iPhone 5.



Crazy Conductor is a game app for the iPhone developed by LZ software, where the player can play in two modes, namely the Real time and the Memory Mode play. The player has to collect the right notes dropped down a wall by Cecil Noteworthy, who is the Crazy Conductor selecting notes for destroying the world. Users must pay attention to the notes as they appear on the top of the wall in order to correctly catch them at the bottom.

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