ColorCube provides a challenging yet immensely fun experience for iOS game lovers. It has beautiful graphics with a range of extremely soft and soothing colors, with deceptively challenging puzzles that will keep you entranced all day long. This game takes the gamers’ ability to take his eyes off of the game for even a minute.


It is an interesting and a beautifully designed game for iphone and ipad users for just $1.99. It was released this July on July 20, 2016. ColorCube works in more than 20 languages including English, Arabic, Simplified or Traditional Chinese, French and even Hindi. The size of this game is only 19.5 Mb.

With ColorCube you get more 200 puzzles. All the levels are handcrafted by the game developers and very challenging. It starts out as easy with small and easy challenges, but with every level you complete, the challenge level increases. This game will not let you put the phone or your ipad down until you have completed the level you are stuck on.


The functionality is very simple. With every puzzle, you receive a shape with different sorts of cut out pieces to fit in it, and a challenge shape. All you have to do is to take the pieces given at the bottom and put them in the hexagon shape given in the middle of the screen, and try to generate the challenge shape given on top of the screen. It is not as simple as it actually sounds. The given pieces are in a range of multiple size, shapes, and directions. Arranging them in such an order to produce the given challenge shape is very tricky. And as the levels progress, the game provides us with extra tricky challenges and with an increased number of small shapes to construct it from. And only achieving the given challenge shape is not enough, it has to be in the exact colors as in the challenge. This means you also have to be aware of the colors blending, while you place the cut out shapes inside the hexagon.


Every puzzle comes with its own theme of beautiful and visually stunning colors. You place a cut out piece by selecting it from the options of cut out pieces given below, it appears inside the hexagon, and then you turn it in place to form the challenge shape with exact same places and exact same colors. On the top of the screen you can see an eye, which is actually a clue if you get stuck somewhere. Pressing this eye gives a hint to the piece that will best fit in the hexagon to form the challenge shape.

It is a simple idea, but one that will definitely take off in the popular culture because it is genuinely fun to play. These unique puzzles with their stunning color themes takes hold on the player’s attention for hours on end. The made is made with use of geometry and is terrifically designed to enhance the player’s puzzle solving skills as well as helping them with their geometry knowledge.

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