There was once a scientist called Wilhelm Fliess who discovered that when he used a certain scientific formula he could predict certain aspects of a person’s life. Using his formula he and his supporters’ claims that he can determine the highest and lowest points of a Physical, Intellectual and Emotional acuity such that any person could
essentially plan his life wherein he will always be at the peak level of performance the different tasks he has to do in his life.

For example, someone might want to prevent himself from undergoing any dangerous physical activity when the physical aspect is at a low biorhythmic level for risk of injury, accident or death. That person may also schedule their most important intellectual tasks for when their intellectual aspects are at their highest levels to ensure the greatest chances of success in their endeavors. In case of their relationships they could make sure that their partners and themselves would not meet in particularly auspicious days where they most likely would fight.

For those who believe in the power of Biorhythmic calculations, the ability to calculate accurately their personal biorhythmic aspects is an important part of their planning process. Fortunately, for users of the iPads and iPhones this task has become as easy as downloading an app at the store.


BiorhythmΩ is an app by Jeonghwan Kim that accurately and easily presents to you your daily biorhythm values through an easily manageable interface where everything you will ever need to plan your day. This article
will serve as a review of his app and will hopefully help you determine whether or not the price of 1.99 USD is worth it for you.

The specs of the app are quite straightforward. It is compatible with all iOS versions and will only need about 4 MB of memory. It also does not really affect any other program you might have in your machines since it is essentially a standalone program that you just have to install and will not need anything else except of course the minimal operational capacity it requires to run on.

In terms of accuracy of the program, I have tried biorhythmic calculators in the internet and have found that this program shows the same values with them all of the time. I even tried to turn off my internet and see whether or not the values will change but it remained accurate all of the time.

The interface is easy to read and easy to understand and from what I see it has three different features. One presents you the data in graph form, the other presents it in the numeric form. The third feature on the other hand actually
tracks what activities would be suitable for you to do on the day and what percent will they be successful for you. I think that this is the most valuable aspect of this App is the fact that it presents the data for you in different
ways that would appeal aid you in planning your days.

However, there seems to be very little way for you to affect the settings of the program. You cannot change the colors to your liking or even customize the app in order for you only see the activities that seem important to you. Aside from this, I see nothing wrong with it so far.

I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to explore the possibilities of Biorhythms. It is a cheap product that delivers what it promises and presents it in an easy and colourful way that anyone could understand.