Back in the day, if somebody wished to place a bet, they would visit their local betting shop or as time developed they were able to place a bet over the phone. With technology advancing all the time this was never going to remain the case and thanks to the internet, a whole new way of gambling came about. The industry was revolutionized and went from strength to strength. The thing is, technology never stops advancing.

Smartphones came on the scene and while they didn’t and haven’t had as big as an impact as the internet did, they have once again moved the whole industry forwards but in a new direction. The internet allowed people to place bets or play their favourite online casino games at home or wherever they had access to a computer which had internet access. So this was a huge benefit as people didn’t need to traipse to a betting shop anymore, they could do it all from their desktop.

So it was an improvement for many being able to bet from their desktop as it was much more convenient. The thing is, while desktop gambling is convenient, it isn’t really good for betting on the go. Step forward smart phones, tablets and apps. Smartphones and tablets are basically mini computers that are designed to be taken with you wherever you go. If online casino and betting companies could find a way to make their service mobile, they knew they’d be onto a winner.

They did this through the creation of apps. Apps are programs that are designed for the operating systems that smartphones and tablets run on. Online casino and betting companies like Unibet Casino, now have their own app and users can literally place a bet in just a few touches on their smartphone’s touch screen. This literally allows people to be able to gamble whenever they want and wherever they are, it’s a win win situation for both the customer and the company.

People no longer have to visit a betting shop, make a phone call or boot up their computer, they can do it all in less than a minute using a device that they take everywhere with them. Some would say that they always had the ability to place bets using their smartphones prior to specific apps being created, this was done through the various browsers available. The issue was that the web pages were a bit all over the place and not necessarily optimized. The apps on smartphones are immaculate in both functionality and visually.

You can see desktop gamblers remaining and those who do place bets from a laptop or PC will be the ones to also utilize being able to bet on the move through the use of apps. With smart phones and tablets continuing to advance, more and more people will be sure to use apps rather than more traditional methods but either way, it comes down to what the customer wants. With so many options on the table now, gamblers really are spoilt for choice.