For years, I’ve been assuming that wooing a person was tough. But, it’s not actually. What’s tougher is finding the right one. In a world that has billions of individuals, it is truly a tedious task to find a person who will totally understand you and accept for what you are. So, for those of you who are setting off on a pursuit to find the love of your life, halt and retreat! If you have an iPhone or any iOS device, consider you’ve found your partner already. Because, below are some of the applications that will turn your iOS into a match-maker device and probably show your potential companion. So no more sticking around your friends to give you an intro, or hanging out in those coffee shops and bars for finding the right person. Just sit back in your from your home, pull out your iPhone and check out one of the apps to connect with your interest.


Are You Interested:

The app which most of us may have already experienced it in Facebook is now an app for the iOS devices as well. To find a potential partner, all you have to do is download the app and enter the zip code. Specifying this will provide finer results nearby your residence. When everything is set and you’ve logged-in, you can explore through those innumerable pictures and profiles and select Like on their account. They will receive a notification, and if they’re interested as well, they will like back! With live chat features, the app is just for you!


With over 150 million users and counting, this application uses the device’s location features to pull up results. Once the app is downloaded, the app displays a list of singles who are proximity to the device’s current location and offers options to chat. The app also offers personalization features that allow users to change their display pictures, specify interests and hobbies. Also, this app displays a list of users who have visited your profile, to ease off your anxiousness. You can also set favorites and check who have added you.


Tinder is more like a hybrid of the Are You Interested app and Blendr. It uses your device’s GPS to track your locations and accordingly pulls up the profiles of singles who have an account in this. On running the app, browse through the profiles and if you are interested in someone you can send them a like, and if they like you back you can initiate a chat!


OkCupid is one of the most advanced dating apps for iOS. It uses a simple arithmetical logic to filter and display the possible matches. It asks around 25 questions to the user and once he answers every of its question, the app displays a set of profiles based on your answers. So, there are more chances of you finding the right person, when you answer more! Also, it notifies in real-time when a potential match is passing via the place you are standing at that instance. Cool, right?

Let’s Date:

The name is inspiring right? Ok, now this app for iPhone allows users to create a profile sort of thing called the ‘Dater card’ using their Facebook account. Once done, users can then browse through the dater cards created by others and click on ‘Let’s Date’ on finding someone interesting. If they hit back, you can chat and come up with a dating spot. Once dated, you can even come back to the app and give your feedbacks.


For new users, Zoosk may appear to be massive. This is because there are over 50 million users of Zoosk out there, trying to find their love interest. Using this app is quite easy, users have to just signup and search for people who are single and online nearby. Also, users can change their preferences in interests to find more suitable individuals.


The app is similar to the other apps specified above, but the only difference here is that once users have identified their matches, a countdown timer pops up all of a sudden allowing the users to chat just for an hour. There is also an option to chat instantly, later or never. It’s all up to you! A decent app to get an intro with someone!

So, guys that was it, the 7 best iOS apps for dating. Use whichever app that you prefer, find someone, fall in love and make your life beautiful!

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