There seems to be no slowing the continued growth found for mobile app development as different businesses seek out further options – it’s become something of a hobby for many individuals too looking to explore what mobile app development has to offer as brick and mortar locations close in favor of online alternatives across the board particularly in gaming and similar – the biggest shift was seen with the closure of physical betting locations and the rise of apps as players check the bonus code for Ladbrokes and take advantage of the biggest offers. With it continuing to be such an exciting opportunity – what are the must know factors of app development to help newcomers get ahead?

Native vs Web vs Hybrid – The first box to check off will be exactly what type of app will be developed, and this can have a huge impact on the performance of the app once it’s completed. Native apps are designed to be specific to one platform, typically either on Android or on iOS but can include other platforms too and may influence the type of code used. Hybrid and web apps are designed to be used on everything and are often much looser on the type of code needed but may not be able to pack in as many features.

Choosing a programming language – The next thing is to pick the language that will be used to develop the apps – Java is very powerful and often used for more web based services but is also something that has been slowly phased out over time too, Swift is a popular choice for Apple based devices if native development is the goal, and Python is considered to be the easiest introduction to coding and a great option for native Android apps.

Planning and execution – As with any project big or small, good planning also leads to good execution and the development of an app should be no different – trying to work in last minute features or changes can derail the project as a whole and if the work goes into choosing the type of app and the programing language, then going a step further and ensuring each part of the process is planned out will lead to a more streamlined process too.

There are plenty of guides out there and lessons to teach the basics too so be sure to look into those to help along the way, and even make use of the various different resources available for pre-built kits and the likes that may mean a project doesn’t have to start completely from scratch and have a solid foundation to work from.