There’s no doubt that the Internet has changed the gaming experience forever; not only have governments and lawmakers attempted to regulate the industry on a global scale, but more and more companies are creating platforms that cater to the global market. There are gaming platforms for the young and the young at heart, for men and women, and for different cultures and nationalities. The industry has exploded in recent years and is sure to continue growing exponentially in years to come.

The Internet was the main driver for growth, but gaming companies didn’t just stop there: they ensured that gamers could get their fix on the go, with mobile apps. Mobile has been the latest impetus behind the recent massive industry growth.

Here’s how the fact that you can now get increasingly brilliant games available on your mobile has dramatically changed the online gaming experience.

The rise of mobile apps

Traditional brick-and-mortar casinos and gambling establishments will never disappear; people enjoy the atmosphere and the feeling you get being physically there. But the rise of mobile apps has been responsible for the traditional brick-and-mortar gaming establishments experiencing a dip in income, in recent years.

The online world of gambling has changed: it is estimated that about 40% of all bets placed online are done from a mobile device. More and more people prefer to indulge in their gaming pleasures on the go, using mobile apps.

Support for mobile apps

There was a time when you needed specific software in order to play certain games, but mobile apps have replaced this and ensured the older versions are no longer necessary. These apps are available under different categories such as Poker or Sports. Online app stores are certainly cashing in on this, thanks to unwavering demand from users. Mobile apps offer much more convenience, allowing companies to capture a larger share of the gaming market.

The way mobile apps have changed the industry

The ability to enjoy gaming online using mobile devices has changed the industry in two very important ways. Firstly, gaming companies have been able to target specific groups of gamers. Secondly, it has led to concerns regarding global regulation. The latter issue is still a very hot point of debate and discussion.

The trend is very unlikely to stop; despite the challenges most states and countries impose in terms of laws and regulations. The various gaming companies are sure to find workarounds for these, too – the industry has grown so much that it’s unlikely that global legislation will be able to reverse the trend.

In the United States, many states have already legalized much of the activity, while Europe still remains largely unregulated. Mobile apps have made gaming available in new and interesting ways, and have ensured it’s here to stay.