When developing an app there are many considerations you need to make from the planning stage onwards to give your product the best chance of being successful. Firstly, you’ll need to think of a unique idea that fills a gap in the market, before creating a plan and timescale of how the app will be developed and launched. An important factor that must not be ignored during this is cyber security, for various reasons.  

Convey Trust

Strong cyber security is essential for all apps, as it allows consumers and users to trust that the app is safe. Safety is a key concern for anyone looking to download an app, whether it’s a game, communication app or anything else. If there is a risk of infection to the device through a dodgy looking app then few will take that risk and download it. 

By having appropriate and reliable testing procedures in place and regularly reviewing security, you can develop a low risk app. This should gain positive reviews from users, conveying trust for potential consumers that your app is safe.  

Large Data Storage

Pretty much all apps available these days require the use, storage and generation of personal and often sensitive data. From games that require bank details to be entered to download additional content to fitness apps that track movements and others that used healthcare information, data is a big part of modern apps.

A lack of strong cyber security means that all such sensitive data could be hacked and exposed. Not only would this likely lead to angry customers and reputational damage, but you could be responsible for the financial cover for all lost data. Especially when this involves bank details, investing in cyber security will not only be the safest but also the most cost-effective option.  

Poor Software Development Risks

Research has suggested that around 90% of security incidents are the result of defects in software. This implies that the biggest cyber security threat could in fact be caused by software and app developers themselves, either by cutting corners or simply not paying enough attention to cyber security.

Cloud apps and DIY ones have increased vulnerability to exploitation. For this reason, thorough testing in the development stages is required for all apps, to avoid them being made available when they pose a risk to users. Hiring a cyber security expert to test and develop your app is probably the safest way to deal with such issues. 

Cyber Security Topics

If you’re developing an app, then there are a number of cyber security topics to be aware of:

       Malware: Malicious software, from adware to ransomware

       Privacy: Ensure data privacy is an option for users

       Security: Software for apps, mobile and tablet devices that will work with your app

       Data leaks/breaches: How to protect against such risks

With a thorough understanding of how cyber security is vital when developing any type of app and how it can impact upon users, you should be able to create a quality, safe and reliable app that will be a success.