The commencement of social media and networking websites have dynamically altered our personal and professional lives. Now that all businesses have gone online, it is pivotal that you give your brand a digital flair to embrace this change for maximum benefit. A massive segment of the global population spends its purchasing power online. Buyers today no more walk into malls and shopping centers for electronics of home accessories. They first carry out extensive research online, compare brands, and weigh the pros and cons of each product before making a purchase. Since the online community is so active on social media, they absorb promotional content on a large-scale leveraging local and international brands dramatically. 

Since social media platforms are the fastest mode of communication in today’s world, you can tell your brand story to the world with effective promo videos and other marketing content. While brands wish to circumvent traditional marketing methods, Instagram marks its place as an excellent promotional tool in contemporary times. With more than a million users worldwide, Instagram is a great place to commence social media marketing for your brand. You can target these users and attempt to turn them into followers in many ways, but lots of people decide to use bots and growth services to do this. The Small Business Blog often blogs about these and the editor reviewed Ingramer, a popular bot, recently. Whether you are an independent YouTuber, content creator, filmmaker, or real estate agent seeking an opportunity to generate leads, it is always beneficial to forget a steel-strong social media presence through well-executed marketing strategies.  

Here is the ultimate Instagram marketing guide for effective branding and promotion on Instagram

Establish a set of objectives

Every ad campaign has a certain set of objectives that gives it a purpose. You cannot strategize a successful ad campaign without lying down the objectives that you wish to attain through the campaign. Most brands strategize campaigns with specific objectives like increasing brand awareness, generating more traffic on their Instagram page, getting more people to install their application, or increasing the subscribers on their YouTube channel.  You may have one or multiple objectives for your ad campaigns which must be reflected in your marketing strategy and CTA. If your ad campaign lacks an objective, it serves on purpose.

Choose your theme

nstagram is a diverse content-sharing platform that promotes out of the box ideas and feed. Every brand today strives to maintain an extra-ordinary feed on this social media platform. Whether your content is in the form of video or images, it must have a theme so that your feed does not seem scattered or bleak. Instagram encourages visually aesthetic feed thus, whatever your marketing content may be, it must be visually appealing and striking enough for your potential prospects to stop scrolling. From vintage to abstract, you can create theme-oriented promo videos with world-class ad templates on Instagram video maker

Create a business profile

By keeping your account private you limit your reach incredibly and restrict your brand recognition. It is necessary for brands and businesses seeking promotion to change their account from private/public to business since it is well-equipped for all-round social media marketing. The Instagram business accounts offer a massive range of tools and features for the execution of creative ad campaigns. Your brand becomes more accessible if it is open to all. Anybody from any part of the world can check your Instagram page and reach you out to make a purchase, or in the case of a YouTuber, subscribe to your channel. 

Add a comprehensive bio

Your business profile must be compelling and highly-informative. Having a vague bio can cost you many potential leads and a poor online reputation. Your Instagram bio must highlight your brand’s USP within limited sentences so that as soon as an Instagram user lands to your page, he/she knows instantly what you sell. Incorporating necessary primary and secondary keywords is a successful marketing strategy that most brands use during google search engine optimization.  You must be well-versed with the trends and content styles eminent in the market. Ensure that your bio is grammatically correct and extremely precise. You can also add a strong CTA in your bios like a link to your official website or other business profile. If you are a YouTuber, you can keep updating links to your latest videos in your Instagram bio. 

Strategize your content

Once you are done with setting up your business profile, you must begin posting your marketing content. A well-strategized promotional video consists of a perfectly proportionate voice-sharing. Instagram video maker is one of the many online editors and animators that provide an integrated toolkit for easy video making. Your promo video must be intriguing and highly striking for viewers to stop scrolling and pay your page a visit. It is pivotal that your video is well-structured and consists of all the necessary elements like Intro, storyboard, and outro. 

The intro can be a simple logo animation video that can be made without any extra efforts. All you need to do is install a video maker and export your logo file onto the app. The application then generates a professional-looking animation video of your logo that shall fit perfectly in your ad video template before the actual video. 

Most ad videos that go viral on Instagram have a pre-established storyboard that shows a certain perspective through the video and leaves the viewers with an impactful message. You must highlight your brand values and USPs through the video and emphasize your product in a creative style without making a hard sell. You can also add various transitions and animations in your video for increasing its impactfulnes    and generating more views. Instagram also offers promotional tools like Stories and IGTV videos that shall help you garner maximum audience engagement rate. 

The outro must be the end segment of your video that shall incorporate a strong Call To Action. A well-structured video increases the convergence rate dynamically. You must also add relevant hashtags in your caption if you wish to be featured on Instagram feature stories. 

While you market your presence on Instagram, you must remember that consistency is key. Not posting content on Instagram or any other social media platform shall only encourage a high bounce rate. Conquer the ‘Gram world with powerful strategies and top-most creativity.