Skills Co is a new skills marketplace for people who want to monetize their skills or talents, and people who want to learn from them. They have an app on iOS, and you can visit their website at

The platform goes beyond other skill marketplaces by including 500 unique categories! From learning how to become a personal trainer or building a successful YouTube channel to singing lessons and learning a new trade, Skills Co will provide users with a huge range of different courses to dive into.  If you’ve ever wanted to pick up a new skill – either as a hobby or to make money from it – Skills Co probably has it!

What’s more, the course creators on Skills Co are all professionals in their field, so you don’t have to sift through questionable advice on the internet. The reviews system ensures that you have access to the highest quality content possible. Just browse for what you’re looking for on the app or website and start learning in just a few taps. Courses are delivered in bite-sized video lessons making it great for learning on the go, wherever you are.

If you’ve got a skill or talent you can teach to others, monetizing it is a great way to earn some passive income. Once you’ve uploaded your course it can provide a steady income stream, demanding minimal upkeep to keep your course current and updated. What’s more, Skills Co is a great way to improve your YouTube monetization. Racking up thousands of views on a video doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to make money on YouTube – if you direct your viewers to your Skills Co page where they can find an easy to follow video course teaching them everything they need to know, every view is potential income!

As a newer platform, you’ll be competing against fewer similar courses and have a chance to build up a solid reputation, establishing yourself as a category leader when more course creators come. The best time to start monetizing your skills is now!

Download Skills Co on iOS or use their web platform at