We all know that, bubble shooter games are very addictive and they guarantee a thrilling gameplay. Gear up to engage yourself with one such amazing bubble shooter game developed by Elephant Jump Ltd, a company with a clear idea about what the gamers would need. The app offers unlimited fun as you go matching two or more bubbles and pop them. The game, Magic Marbles Bubble Shooter is one of a kind with all the abounding features in all of its aspects.

Magic Marbles Bubble Shooter features a story with a heroic cat and other animals living in a Faraway land. The cute looking cat named Luna helps defeat the cunning wolves to protect their land. Join two or more bubbles and clear them off the gaming screen, until nothing is left out. The app comes with more than 50 levels with different challenges and hurdles. You can either play alone or compete with your friends and collect many rewards.

The app, keeps track of all your score record. As most of the other puzzle games, you can see a clear display of your score at the top with a 3-star reading. You can obtain either 1,2 or 3 stars depending on the scores you get in each round. Everything from the number of coins and stones collected, number of animals saved and magical powers attained are clearly kept track and displayed at the top. The game settings can be found in the bottom left-hand corner of the app. You can unleash some magical powers that allows you to clear the difficult levels so easily.

The app let’s you to play anywhere and you can sync one or more devices using  the internet connection. Magic Marbles Bubble Shooter is completely free of charge. You only need to pay for some additional features in the app.

The app has an intuitive game play and the graphics are very amazing. The game is so colorful and unique and is appealing for both the young and the old.

I am so excited playing this app and just can’t wait to see the new levels and cute characters in the upcoming versions. Without doubt, Magic Marbles Bubble Shooter is an addictive new game, and will be loved by anyone who is looking for more fun. The app will provide hours of pleasure to all those who love games of these genre. It is available only for two nations, The Philippines and Singapore. The app can be downloaded for play on both iPhone and Android devices. It would be nice if people from all the other countries get to enjoy the pleasure of playing this amazing app.

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