Social media – powerful market world to market anything you wish. But you need to learn certain things before get into social media marketing, or else you ll be thrown out.  Especially, mobile app developers should aware of social media’s part in app marketing and app sales. Just developing a quality application does not guarantee you to earn money. You need to be active on social media to let your app reach tremendous height in sales. Let me share few social media tricks to market your mobile application, it could be either ios app or android application.

Youtube – First thing to do:

Millions of people are using youtube for multiple purpose everyday. Do you think, it wont works to market your app here? Then, why not? Start making your best video for your application and upload it on a dedicated youtube channel and promote it on some other social media like twitter, facebook, and landing page if you created any for your app promotion.  Creating a single video will not bring you immediate success, you need to make consecutive series of videos about your app introduction, functions, testimonial and so on. Ensure that you have added enough info about the video on description section.

You can also upload these video on other video marketing sites than youtube. I would suggest vimeo, hulu, metacafe, dailymotion, break,vevo and more. Be selective in category while uploading your videos.

Twitter – Small Blog, But Bring More:

Twitter needs no more explanation about it power which having tons of users and tons of tweet being published in a minute. Create a separate profile for your application, do share all your promotional links to your application on your twitter account. Start following relevant app developers and apps in twitter. Do not forget to reply for the direct messages which you got from your app users, because the more customer support offers you the more success. Do share screens and other interesting app images in twit pictures. Do remove spam followers to make your profile clean.

Facebook Fans- Another Formula:

Creating dedicated facebook fan page for your app or game is another success formula to improve your app sales.  Get dedicated url for your page, add images, videos, screens and your app development story on your wall, so that your app users get involved in your development and future apps too. Place attractive cover image for your fan page. If you are having separate site for your app, then add facebook page widget on your site, it turns more visitors into your fan.

Linkedin Groups – Get Ideas:

Linkedin , the professional network where you can get expert reviews about your app, design, UI and etc. Join app developers groups and share your app link and ask expert to review your app, you ll be got genuine review definitely. But do not spam any groups which are not related to app development and app reviews.

Pinterest – To double your sales:

Pinterest , reputed image marketing social network site which you not miss. Create separate profile for your company or application. Start uploading your app screens or other interesting images on your pin boards. Do write description of the image and place the links to your screens, it would helps you to get more clicks to your app site. You can also follow the app developers and your fans on pinterest. Fill your profile with clean details.

Author Bio:  Thirumalai – Online Marketing Enthusiast, Working as an Internet marketing executive at AJ Square Inc , One of best Online Auction Software providers.