Fishing is one of the most adventurous and interesting activities to enjoy and kill time. Whenever I go fishing, it’s like a picnic and the best part of my trip is the location. Fishing areas are always blushed with greenery and you can find nature at its best at such locations. Catching fish for yourself is like making your own bread and that happy feeling is un-explainable when a fish is in your hook and you’re ready to cook yourself first meal of the day. But nature can’t be trusted and if the day is rainy and you forgot to plan your schedule your trip after looking at the weather report, your whole plan is ruined for fishing. So now it’s your turn to look out for some artificial ways. Why don’t we use Facebook? You must be wondering how we can use Facebook for fishing, right? Well in that case, you need to read on and find out yourself.

Actually what we have here is a new Facebook app called FishPro. From the recent story that I’ve told you and the title of the app, you can guess what the app is about. Yes, it’s about fishing and everything related to it. I haven’t tried much of those Facebook apps but I guess many of them are pretty interesting and this one as well.

The game is pretty simple. First, you have to cast the fishing tackle to a particular distance and then make sure your hook reaches a fish. The bigger the fish you catch, the more points you get. Then as soon as your hook catches a fish, strike it and reel it back at a speed between minimum and maximum so that you don’t miss the fish back into water. After catching the fish, you have two options i.e. you can either release it back to earn some reputation or you can keep it to later sell in the market.

Other than this regular gameplay, there are many other side games running to keep you interested. For example, there are many tournaments running and you can sign up for them. But they are available only for some limited period of time and you’ll have to catch the biggest fish to win the competition. Also you need to make sure that you match their requirements such as reputation and level. There are many different locations available for fishing and they are all amazing. Then there are many different items to buy such as boat, hook and other different tackling equipments. Also, the more you score the more badges you collect and higher you stand on the Leaderboard. The beautiful cowboy music in the background makes it a smooth ride overall.

All I can say about the game is that if you live in an area where fishing is not possible, then the app is perfect for you. It’s light hearted, simple and yet has all the different features to make it a happy journey for you every time you visit the place.

Pros: beautiful graphics and amazing scenery; very easy to play; live tournaments; free.

Cons: none.

App Rating :  *  *  *  *  *

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