WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messenger app. It does have over two billion users who use it every month. Your customers will likely have it on their smartphones and daily lives, making it an excellent lead generation tool.

Ways to Capture Sales Leads Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s lead generation strategies will differ slightly from those you’ve used on other channels. However, the end goal remains the same—capture leads that can later be converted into customers.

Get Rid Of Bad Leads

Separating the wheat from the chaff is one of the most difficult challenges businesses face regarding lead generation. In other words, it takes time to attract qualified leads while discarding junk leads.

WhatsApp is ideal because it can be used as a chatbot that responds to customer inquiries. If a prospect asks a top-of-the-funnel question, for example, they can direct them to the appropriate sales funnel stage.

Funnel stages enable you to target prospects with the appropriate marketing strategy based on where they are in their purchasing journey.

Share Stories

WhatsApp’s Stories feature is prevalent, known as WhatsApp Status. WhatsApp Status, inspired by the Stories feature on Snapchat and Instagram, allows you to connect directly with your followers by sharing content they might be interested in. New products, product launches, and customer testimonials are examples of this. You can also share user-generated content to entice your followers with solid social proof.

The beauty of WhatsApp Status is that your content piques your followers’ interest, and responds to it immediately. You can then take their questions and direct them to the appropriate answer.

Improve Your Customer Service

One of the great attributes of WhatsApp is that it is always available. This means that a prospect or customer can ask a question at any time and receive an immediate response.

Given that research has shown that customers now expect lightning-fast response times, this is ideal. WhatsApp can function similarly to a chatbot that provides excellent customer service. If a customer has a question about your products or whether you’re offering any discounts, they can contact you via WhatsApp, and the app will handle the responses for you.

This is excellent for developing trust and relationships, but you can also use WhatsApp to move prospects further down the sales funnel and toward conversion.

Encompass It in an Agile Marketing Campaign

Agile marketing prioritizes data-driven decisions, allowing you to accelerate your marketing processes and achieve better results faster. It increases predictability, speed, and changeability.

You can form an agile marketing team to test what works and what doesn’t in your WhatsApp lead generation strategy. Then you can gather the information and iterate quickly to enhance your conversions.

Final Words

WhatsApp has grown drastically to become the world’s third most popular social media platform. And because people use it to connect with businesses and be social, it’s pivotal that you begin to realize its full potential.