Many familiar apps were a first of their kind on Android and iPhone, so naturally, people have a adorable spot in heart for both of them. So when they see on the App Store and Play Store, they instantly thought of to try, which proves to be something they had to download. The below apps would find you unique and special.


They are multiplatform software that assist people meditate. It is learnt that meditation has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and ameliorate focus, among many other key benefits. The app is wholly praised all over the internet. They even have a quote from reputed people praising it as well. People love about the app is its design style. The language is real and UI design is light, friendly, with all around pleasant.

Sleep Cycle

It is a sleep tracking app that has adeptly updated its UI. The app is beneficial in learning about your own sleeping patterns to ameliorate the quality of your sleep. The app also has lucrative dark UI design that is stunning. The use of the accented neon colors, for example the neon green bars, is splendid touch. It offers the app some personality, makes it beautiful, and makes the graphs simply distinguishable.

Day One Journal

It is a multiplatform diary app. Over the years, the app has considerably expanded its features which make the app smart and beneficial. The user experience is superlative because you can save the location of your entry by any kind of default and the exact mode of transportation if it detects you moving at a very higher speed. They are exclusively good at keeping note of your situation when you’re down your journal entry. It could even save the song you were actually listening to.


It is a car adapter that allows you to keep a closer eye on your car. They notify you about maintenance issues such as low oil. It could also ameliorate your driving habits. This mobile app has a good design, too. The visuals are simple to distinguish. The graphs are beneficial as well. It illustrates you all sorts of important details with simplicity.

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