Do you love making memes? Do you enjoy making fun of things that bother you. If so, then this platform would be the right one for you. We all know that creating memes is the new trend and it could make you so popular as well. If you have interest in creating memes, sharing hysterical pictures and making life more fun-filled, then this app is definitely the right one for you.

Solo Bromeaba – Just Joking is created by Loop Blender LLC. The app asks you to sign in using your mobile number to start using it. As you sign in, you will be able to see different memes created by different users. If you like the memes, you can press the clap icon on the left hand corner of the app. By doing so, you not only appreciate the memes you liked but also earn more Kin.

Using this app, is a definite win-win as you earn more Kin. Kin is a crypto currency that is rewarded to the users of this app. Kin is a virtual currency that has real world value. Users of this app can earn Kin through clapping, tipping and having fun through the best memes in the app. The app is a new means that allow you to engage, grow and make new experiences for your digital community.
Solo Bromeaba – Just Joking app falls under the Entertainment category and is a complete time pass for sure. The app allows you to create a profile of your own with your name and profile picture. It lets you to have unlimited fun so that you don’t get bored. With a cleaner UI and a neat design, the app is so nice to use. Users won’t have any hassle operating it.

sers can upload from their Camera and Album and make their own profile of Memes. Apart from this, they can also select from the popular pics and add their own caption either at the top or bottom of picture available on the app and make the meme. Users can save the memes created to their phone or share them with people through social media like WhatsApp, Instagram etc. The team of Just Joking is active on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

I personally found this app to be more addictive and it kept me on hold for hours together as I scrolled through all the memes. Get Just Joking for Android and create, share and post memes and hysterical pics and have a great time.

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