Do you love music? Well, who doesn’t? Be it, teens or adults, everyone loves a rhythm-based game and it is always most engaging to game on and make a significant challenge with another player. Music enhances your responses in quite a few minutes and gaming along with your favourite retro music lights things even better. Soulzilla’s Rhythm Retro is one such game and is the first-ever rhythm game with an RPG style class upgrade system.

Rhythm Retro is a combination of music and game. This android app is a ‘Tap Rhythm Music Game’ that comprises 14 crazy unique notes and button themes. It has 20 songs and 7 achievement gold medals. The app comes with 6 gameplay modes namely: Normal, Reversed, Hyper, Hyper-revered, Ultra and Ultra-reversed. Users can challenge other gamers and get a position on the Online Top60 Leaderboard. 

Users can unlock many crazy themes, earn medals for their achievements. Rhythm Retro helps users to level up their retro boosts and destroy all of their challengers. The app displays everything on screen like your name, score, rank, stars obtained, power and so on. The game ranks you based on the points obtained like Iron, Chrome, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. 

Rhythm Retro has a calibration screen that lets users use blue-tooth headphones. Users will be able to restart the game and fine-tune the audio as they want to shift from blue-tooth to normal. There are three different note speeds and a note-flip for each one of them. The app is so neatly designed and it works fine on any Android device with touch screen. I enjoy the background score and effects of the game and wearing headphones while gaming gives an awesome experience. 

You can also change the music and FX settings according to your wish. Everything like the difficulty level, note styles, button styles and gameplay mode can be chosen. The game allows you to play the next song only when you get 3 stars gaming the previous one. The app’s free version comes with reward ads that users can earn. If you choose to go ad-free, you can purchase the full version of the app that gives you retro bucks every time you play a song and an automatic $1500 retro bucks.

The team of Soulzilla is open to suggestions and feedback and users can reach them at Rhythm Retro is compatible with Android 5.1 and later versions and is suitable for all those above 12 years of age. Users can buy all the levels in their in-game store. The store lets you purchase bundles, themes, modes and songs. Download it for free today and enjoy having hours of fun together with this awesome app.