If art is your kind of thing, then the Paintrala Android app is what you need. This app helps you make the most of your artistic skills and helps you explore your creative potential. And you o longer have to mess with paper and paint but can simply paint on to your favorite Android device using this unique app. It combines fun and entertainment with an unearthing of talent. And what’s more? You can display your masterpieces on the Paintrala gallery for people all over the globe to see and admire. So, to sum this app up- it is a kind of social networking app for paintings and art.

The layout of the app is not only attractive but very simple too. All you have to do is to sign up first. Once this is done, you can view paintings done by others all over the world, follow other painters, comment and like a given painting and also share the ones you like with your friends on Facebook. As the work you create is entirely your choice, you can draw or paint just anything ranging from a doodle to an elaborate masterpiece. With the wide array of tools available, painting has been made more convenient for you with this app.

Another option you have is to select a photo from your gallery or even click one at the moment with your camera and paint over it. With this app, there is no limit to how creative you can get and to what you can do to simple picture. Once you have let your brush flow and its strokes create a masterpiece, then you can upload it on Paintrala’s gallery for people’s views on it. There are many contests that you can participate in and the painting with the most amount of points gets a feature on its main page.

At present, the Paintrala painting tool is supported only by the Samsung phones but other phones are expected to be added soon enough to its collection. Also, this app is completely free of cost so that you do not have to spend your hard earned money on exploring your talents. All in all, the app is just what a lover of art and painting needs. Need not necessarily be one who draws or paints but even one who likes admiring art and appreciating creativity.

You can convert your normal photographs into eye catching and breath taking ones by editing them using this app. While some might see a few similarities with Instagram, the differences are way more in number. You can enter the enticing Paintala community, where art is worshipped by everyone and unravel your hidden talents in art and painting and display them to the community.

If you are a passionate artist or art lover, and wish to keep in touch with the most astounding pieces of the times, then this app will help you out there. With the powerfully amazing painting tools offered by this app, you can make masterpieces of all works.

Good: Huge range of painting tools available

Bad: Available only for Samsung phones

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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