The Manual Photography Companion developed by Brownlow BioSciences is an innovative tool designed to elevate your photography skills. This app harnesses the power of your mobile device’s camera and light sensor to determine the perfect settings for your DSLR camera when shooting in manual mode. With its comprehensive features and intuitive interface, this companion will revolutionize the way you capture stunning visuals.

The Creative Edge of Manual Photography Companion

To begin, the Manual Photography Companion prompts you to provide specific details about your setup. Are you using a tripod to enhance picture stability? Are you engaged in macro photography? What is your lens focal length? By collecting this information, the app optimizes its light metering algorithms to deliver tailored recommendations.

Embracing the Artistry of Manual Photography Companion

Using real-time light measurements, the app calculates the appropriate aperture (f-stop), ISO value, and shutter speed for your camera. It takes into account the live light levels captured by your mobile device to ensure accurate exposure settings. This intelligent system allows photographers to effortlessly adapt to different lighting conditions, resulting in consistently exceptional imagery.

The Advantages of Manual Photography Companion in the Digital Age

Moreover, the Manual Photography Companion offers a valuable troubleshooting feature while maintaining the exposure level within the optimum range. For instance, if you wish to decrease the aperture (f-stop), the app will automatically adjust the remaining parameters to compensate and maintain balanced exposure. Additionally, it provides feedback if your request falls beyond the limitations imposed by the current light conditions, considering the Exposure Value.

Looking ahead, Brownlow BioSciences plans to introduce updates that include light compensation specifically for manual flash use. This promising enhancement will empower photographers to creatively manipulate light sources and produce captivating images with greater control.


The Manual Photography Companion by Brownlow BioSciences is a game-changer for both amateur and professional photographers alike. With its ability to leverage the advanced capabilities of your mobile device and maximize the potential of your DSLR camera, this app provides a comprehensive solution for achieving perfect exposure. Seamlessly guiding you through the intricate world of manual photography, this companion enables you to capture evocative images that truly reflect your artistic vision. Empower yourself with the Manual Photography Companion and embark on a journey of photographic mastery.

Manual Photography Companion