Maid & Slime is not only entertaining but also easy to play game. If you have not played this game then there is a lot you are missing. Both novices and experienced gamers like one thing or the other about this game since it hit the market. The game is simple and boasts of a retro design that will make you to fall in love with it even more.

Game Play :

Eradicate pop up slimes from the 16 holes on the screen.

Top only once on the purple slime and twice on the games gtreen slime

Never touch the red slime when playing the game

The game comes with different modes making it fun for game lovers since you can choose any of the provided modes depending on your preference

You will also be expected to unlock different achievements in order to get rewards at the end of the day.

Features of the game :

• Has three different playing modes

• There are over 20 types of monsters players are expected to beat

• The game has over 100 stages that make it fun to play

• The endless instruments to assist you in your quest give you more reasons to love the game


• High quality and lovely crafted pixels arts

• Numerous modes

• Easy to play

• Many monsters to beat

• Instruments provided to allow you win the game

• Different game stages to add to the gaming experience

• Better user interface.

• Better game mode. (A&B)

• Memory optimized for low end gadgets

• Allows for cloud save data


• Pop up ads

• Slightly tough to play for novices

In conclusion, maid&slime is a must play game. The game is fun and easy to play. Players will enjoy different stages that make the gaming experience worth remembering. In addition, you will have lots of instruments to help when it comes to gaming. You can take advantage of the different gaming modes provided to make your day fun.

Download the Maid & Slime