Nowadays in this modern technology of the world, video has become undoubtedly a new mode of learning. Amazingly, videos have also reached a core part of employee training. In older days, businesses actually would play VHS tapes featuring some kind of generic training content on health and safety or compliance. But however, things have completely changed.

Precisely the Video provides a much richer visual context and tone than text, qualitatively blending multiple modes of communication into a single format. When actually someone could see “how” something should be done before offering it a try on their own rather than reading about it, that assists. But, depending on the complexity of the required video, it might make sense to work with one of the top video production agencies in Idaho to create it.

The videos are more cost-effective than having in-person sessions. More so, remote training with video primarily gained precedence due to the pandemic with almost 28% of organizations reporting a decrease in their training budgets, while there were 49% said it remained the same.

We can take a look at different training videos that you can develop to explain several aspects of your business and operations:

About Screencasts

It is seen that a screencast is typically a recording of the computer screen, where the trainer illustrates or performs a task in real-time. Those recordings can also be edited to develop standalone video demos. If you wish to make short, quick explainer videos, screencasts are the best option.

Tutorials or instructional videos

These kinds of such videos assist to take new employees step-by-step on how to follow a perfect process or perform a specific task in the firm. There are Mid-video quizzes, interactive quizzes, and regular annotations which assist to boost engagement rates. It is seen that tutorials are versatile, and you could cover almost any topic with them.

Quality Presentation captures

It is elaborated that mostly 90% of people put ample effort into their presentations. Getting the most out of them is still a big challenge, generally because once the person has given a presentation on a product launch or compliance policy change, it is trusted that one cannot go back and replay it in real life.

About Employee-made videos

They have a good addition to the training program since by asking employees to develop videos on particular topics, you could test them simultaneously. They could practice what they actually learned through videos and make more accessible versions for new kinds of hires.

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