In this intense world we live in, we’re constantly bombarded by information. Whether we’re obsessively checking our Facebook, Twitter, or Insta feeds or scrolling through endless articles on our phones, it can be hard to separate how you’re feeling from everything you’re reading. So, if you want to get back in touch with yourself, you can grab some ‘me time’ by using the Edge Diary app.

If it’s a challenge for you to carve out some time for yourself in your hectic life, make it a little easier by downloading the Edge Diary app. The app works as a way for you to log your own thoughts in daily entries (or whenever you have the time to write). You can jot down how you’re feeling about something you read on social or goals you want to set for yourself. Whatever you write about, you’ll have a concrete, organized, and easy-to-access diary that’s always at your fingertips. The free iOS app gives you the perfect excuse to focus on yourself for just a little while when you write an entry.

A great way to make sure you’re providing yourself with some down time is to set a reminder on your phone for a specific time every day. As soon as the alert goes off, pull up your Edge Diary app and just ponder your thoughts for a little while. The app also allows you to add pics to your entries – you can snag a picture from your saved albums on your iPhone or iPad, or you can actually take a pic directly from the app. This feature is perfect if you need some added visual inspiration in your posts – for example, you can add pics of your dream vacation to push you towards traveling more or pics of healthy foods to encourage better eating habits. That way you’ll be able to focus in on your own specific reason for keeping a diary.

Whatever intention you’ve set for yourself by keeping a diary, you can easily reach your goals by writing every day. Edge Diary makes it a simple process – just open the app and start typing! So, you’ll have no excuse not to make time for yourself. Although the ads can be a bit distracting on the page, you do have the choice of paying a small, flat fee to remove the ads completely.

Make sure you’re allowing yourself some ‘me time,’ and start writing down your thoughts with Edge Diary. You’ll definitely notice the positive effects of an outlet like this as soon as you start your journaling practice. Just download the Edge Diary from the App Store now and add some quality time in your life with good ol’ you!