A band of balloons flying in the air is like a bird set free to fly wherever it wants to without any limits or boundaries to confine its flight. It will sway away with the wind and soon disappear into the vague clouds making you feel as if it has broken all shackles of relations with this world and entered the “void of zero”. But more than anything else, it leaves you mesmerized and happy with a big smile on your face. Just like a rainbow. The different colours make you reminisce that the world is a beautiful place to be in. Maybe this is the reason most of the games and applications often have a blend of different colours. So if we’re talking about a bubble-shooter, colours are the essence of such games. But even if you’ve got the soul right, you also need a good body for the complete package, right?


I’m talking about the latest iOS app called Fuzzytopia that has been developed by Murray & Romano. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Fuzzytopia, much to the liking of its unique name is a very different setting altogether despite being a cliché bubble-shooter. It’s the force of creative thinking that drives this app more than just the basic concept. The execution is brilliant and they’ve certainly been able to turn a utopian scheme into reality.


You belong to a tribe of warm fuzzies and many of your tribe members have been trapped amidst these colourful bubbles and you must free them by the earliest to save them from the cold prickly virus that’s growing its roots very quickly. In doing so, you’ll come across various puzzles where all the bubbles have been manually placed and arranged at each level instead of “randomizing” the structure again and again. So each level boasts of a fresh flavour of challenge and a new strategy from your side.

The graphics of this game are like a sweet melody that has been beautifully choreographed by the composers, in this case the developers. The watercolour designs add a new character to the game which is glossy, elegant and full of life. The fluffy-fuzzies are darling, dinky and any other synonym to “cute” you can find. You’d love to hear their cheerful voice when you free them. Also, the animations are fluidic and free-flowing. I loved the effects that have been employed; they’re minor changes overall but very effective.


There are total of 80 levels with each level equally exciting and challenging. There are many different elements introduced at different stages of the game such as rotating bubbles, super powers to change the colour, etc which keep the suspense open and alive. Your next move is always unpredictable!

Overall, I’d say that Fuzzytopia is one of the most beautifully designed bubble-shooter puzzles that’d blow you away right at the moment when you enter this castle of fun, excitement and happiness!

Pros: beautiful glossy graphics; watercolour designs; cute fuzzies; exciting and challenging gameplay; manually designed puzzles; super powers; 80 levels.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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