The way we digest world has dramatically changed over the past two decades and has mainly been changed by the introduction of technology onto the market. Can you imagine a life now-a-days without the use of the App Store and downloading apps to go about our everyday lives? Neither could we, as our whole lives virtually revolves around our smartphones and so we today look at the most downloaded apps worldwide over the past year.

One app that has burst onto the scene during the past year has been TikTok and it has been one of the fastest growing apps of all time, and in 2020 is has been downloaded over 850 million times worldwide. TikTok has clearly been the winner, as it has been downloaded the most each month and is continuing to thrive during 2021. TikTok is a video-sharing social networking site that benefit from short-form videos with a host of different genres including dance, comedy and education.

TikTok has been closely followed by the other giant in the social media world that is Facebook who have been dominating this field for some time now. Facebook isn’t just a stand-alone social media site as they are now a group of different apps having made some purchases of other giants in the fields such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and more.  WhatsApp was the second most downloaded app of 2020 with around 600 million downloads, Facebook received about 540 million downloads and Instagram with around 503 million downloads which is seriously impressive. Although TikTok is growing at the rate that it is, Facebook is still the monopoly of the social media field.

And finally, Zoom has also been one of the most downloaded applications over the past year and this has mainly been down to the impact of the pandemic. The global pandemic has forced many of us to work remotely to combat the spread of the virus and Zoom has been able to offer the opportunities to businesses, friends and family to stay connected via virtual meetings and they have become that popular that Zoom has been downloaded 477 million times. Other beneficiaries of the pandemic have been the online gambling scene, especially online casinos and you can find many here that have been witnessing this surge in demand. These online casinos are offering the chance to play on without the worry of gamstop and have been so popular during the pandemic as they have provided a form of entertainment for consumers to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.