It won’t be wrong to say that back links are the back bones of a website. Back links are the points located on other websites which redirect users to your website. In a way, they’re meant to divert the traffic from different directions to a pre-set focus point which is your website. Moreover, these back links determine your ratings in Google’s search results and that’s why people hire SEO agencies to do the job for them. But after the launch of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, the world has changed upside down. It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of them out in the open. What matters is if someone really cares about them? If yes, you’ve got the trigger in the right place. Otherwise, it’s a no show!
So today, I’ll help you with these backlinks and guide you through 5 simple steps towards a better network that even a spider won’t be able to go through.


Guest posting is a revolutionary technique of building your back links on reputed websites. You go to a person’s blog or any website and post your article along with your back link. Now what happens is that if your article is good, people will follow that back link to come back to your website and get to know more about you. They might also share that particular article on other websites or even their social networks. So you can get a lot of traffic in return. But there are two main conditions. First, the particular blog you’re posting on must be popular and have lots of active users that’ll read your post. Second, the content of your post must be good or otherwise, it’s of no use. It’s very much possible that you might not be allowed to post the next time you go to do so. So be careful!


Infographics are combinations of text and visual images all set in an appealing manner to attract viewers. They’re like banners of your website but not the same because nobody reads banners. They just pass by them eyes down. Infographics in a way interact with the viewers. You can describe a story which connects with your website as well or you can go ahead in a humorous way. It’s all up to you and your designer. A good infographic can take some good investment but if it’s enough for people to share it in their friend/colleague circles, what better returns could you expect!


When Google searches for links on websites to decide the rankings, it searches all over the page and no corner is left under its microscope. So if you can have your link in the content of such pages, your job is done. You can find such link building websites that’ll add your links to their content and there are plenty of them. All you need to do is follow the email link building process. Email these websites regarding your link requirements and they’ll do the job for you.


There’s no formula to viral content. When the video of Harlem Shake first came out on YouTube, even its makers didn’t know what series of mines they’ve stepped on. But if you’re creating good content, you’re always in close proximity with it. Always keep searching what connects with people. It’s the sole idea that you can afford in your mind before going that way. It can be a video, a song, a joke or even a word. You never know! But what you know is that you’ll be flooded with back links if it goes right and your rankings will reflect that. So that’s a dream come true and therefore not always a part of your journey.


One should always be aware of his competitors’ activities. So when you’re building your own back links, why don’t you take a look at their source banks and I wonder if it can be of any help to you. There are tools like Majestic SEO (free plan available; paid plans starting from $49.99/month) and Open Site Explorer (free plan available; paid plans starting from $99/month) that allow you to view the websites that have been linking back to those of your competitors’. Once you’ve got the information, now you can think of similar sources for yourself as well. Many times, new fields open up that you had never heard of or didn’t try for the lack of visible opportunities.


These were the 5 steps towards a better network of back links and improved SEO. If you follow these, changes will reflect back very soon. Keep me updated regarding your thoughts, suggestions or anything you have in store for us!