Advancements in technology have made it possible for video games to be integrated with cryptocurrencies. This is because game developers have found ways of applying the concepts of trading in cryptocurrencies into video games. Unlike in the past when gamers got rewarded with points, Crypto games reward players with cryptocurrencies that they can use to buy advanced tools and characters. These games are really helping both young and mature gamers understand how it feels to in an economy that’s driven by cryptocurrencies. Below is a list of games that are based on realities of cryptocurrencies that you should try.

  1. HunterCoin 

The storyline of HunterCoin is derived from cryptocurrencies that are waiting to be mined. The unmined cryptos are located in different places. In fact, there is a map showing where each of the coins can be found. Your role in the game is to develop hunters that will go and get the coins. Acquiring even a single coin is not easy. This is because others players are determined to prevent you from reaching the location of the site. You must therefore execute anyone that tries to stand in your way. The good thing is that you are rewarded handsomely every time you kill a monster. In for you to accomplish the mission successfully, you must take the coins to a designated collection center. After that, the points you have earned in terms of cryptocurrencies will reflect in your wallet.

  1. Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis was released into the market in 2017. In the game, there is a Moonga universe that’s governed by a fierce Sayosian Empire. Your aim as a player is to bring down the empire. However, you can’t destroy the empire unless you have accumulated enough special cards that are offered by block chain. Once you have the special cards, you can then use them to create new mines and remodel those that already exist. The game can be played on either PC or smartphone. The good thing is that the game is also supported on devices that run on iOS and Android.

  1. Augmentors

This game resembles Pokemon Go by a great deal. The only difference is that it’s built around block chain technology. As a matter of fact, the game is named after the characters that players create. The game gives you the advantage of creating up to 50 characters (augmentors) that include half humans, gods, cyborgs and monsters among others. For every character you create, you have the choice of either selling it to other players, trade it for advanced characters, buy a new character or make it fight with other characters of its kind. For every milestone you achieve, you get rewarded with databits that can be redeemed when purchasing new characters and weapons.

  1. Cryptokitties

Cryptokitties is all about buying and selling of cryptocats from an exchange platform. To get started with the game, you are required to navigate through the cryptocats stock exchange and pick the cat that you like. The cats have different prices that are based on their genetic composition. This means that a cryptocats with the most desirable genes will cost more than ordinary cat. After acquiring the cat, you should breed it with a cryptocats that’s owned by another player. The resulting kittens can then be sold in the stock exchange at a profit.