The Cleaner is an Android app created by Liquidum Limited Tools specially designed for boosting the speed of Android devices by cleaning all the junk and unused apps. It can free the storage by uninstalling the malicious apps leaving your device optimized. It is also capable of improving the phone’s security by making it clean and light. The app has a simple and user friendly interface and it will not take up much of the space of your phone. It is not going to clog the memory of your phone.


This is a full featured app that is a perfect performance optimizer, letting you clear the cache files that can slow down the performance of the phone. It can also let you delete the unwanted list of phone calls and SMSs leaving your Android phone fully clean and free of malicious apps.


Features of The Cleaner

  • It can free the RAM and boost the memory as well as speed of the phone by killing all the tasks running at the background.
  • It can clean the storage of the phone by deleting all the junk files. These may be your downloaded files, cache files or APK files.
  • It effortlessly deletes the uninstalled and unnecessary apps from your phone
  • You will have full control on the privacy of your phone because it will delete all such apps that want unnecessary permission.
  • All the previous list of SMSs and call records can be cleaned by the use of the app.
  • The performance of your phone will be boosted with just one touch of the widget developed by the app the home screen.
  • Your device will be running fast without any interruptions with the help of the scheduled maintenance check.
  • The app’s look can be customized by choosing any theme available.

The Cleaner is available for free perfect for all android users to speed up the performance of the phone.

You can free download The Cleaner App from Google Play Store here.