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InboxMind: An inbox app with a mind of its own

When you are in a working environment where you receive a lot of mails, then it is important to pay attention to the most important ones first. Manually sifting them can indeed be a big headache. A smarter option is to use a smart inbox app that has a mind of its own and is capable of automatically reading your thoughts and prioritizing your inbox for you. You need to get the most in terms of output and comfort from your inbox app. if you are looking for such an… Read More »



A hotel is home for a tourist – a second home. He expects it to be as good as he’s used to and when it doesn’t meet his expectations, it leaves a sour taste that you start recognizing with the whole tour; the place, the people and your experience. So when you’re planning a tour, you’re always worried about how the hotels will turn out to be. The fear is more because you’re going to a new country and you’re completely unaware of the location of the hotel, if the… Read More »



Riding a bike is always fun. First, it’s good for your health as it keeps you fit. But it’s also one of the most adventurous sports; thrilling as well as super-exciting. Imagine going off-road into the woods with a helmet on and feet flying in the air along with the pedals. You get along a rough track but suddenly you find that there’s a big pothole just 50metres away from you and looking at your speed, you know that you won’t be able to prevent it. So what you do… Read More »



Finding your best match is very difficult on this planet. You might cross him/her everyday or travel in the same train or might even work in the same company, but as long as you don’t know each other, you’re as separate as north and south poles. Meanwhile, you’re dating others expecting to find your soul-mate some day. So a series of relationships starts where you meet up the next most beautiful girl you find, spend some quality time with her, then some misunderstanding happens and you finally realize that it’s… Read More »



A CTA in as simple words as it can be explained is a Call to Action. It sole reason to be on a webpage is to prompt users to click on it. It can be a piece of text or an image or even any animation. You see them all the time in the form of ad banners and are one of the most important tools of marketing experts and analysts. But how can you maximize the performance of a CTA? Just like you have performance index for academics and… Read More »



Passwords were meant to be a device that could keep your personal interests in a safe locker so that nobody could access them. But now, remembering passwords has become a threat in itself. Each and every person is in possession of more than 5-10 different accounts or even more and if you forget even one of them, the retrieving process would be very long, tiring and time consuming. So you must remember them all individually without mixing them up. But to increase the safety, now you’re asked by the companies… Read More »


Vent Up : Connect With Your Friends Always !

Everyone loves a warm and charming conversation. Unfortunately, there comes a time where the good moments are no longer there and you feel somehow overwhelmed by the prevailing turn of events. At this point, you will have to find a sure option of unleashing your innermost feelings. Vent Up is a social media app that lets you unleashing you emotions without denting you reputation in any way. With this app, you can always post your innermost feelings and from frustrations with your identity unknown. After downloading this app into your… Read More »


7 Minute Workout App: For Consistent Workout

The 7 Minute Workout app for the Android is the perfect workout app for someone looking to start a consistent workout routine and follow it. Most of the exercises are familiar to other workout routines, making it much easier to learn how they are properly preformed. The tutorials in the app is simple enough so the user is not overwhelmed, but at the same time it gave good guidance to performing each exercise. When performing each exercise there was a voice letting me know when to star and end. This… Read More »



Going for shopping involves a lot of planning because it’s not just about buying new stuff; it’s about buying them at the best price available in the market. There are so many different brands and of course, you have your preferences. But you don’t know which one of them is offering a 50% flat sale. So if you miss that chance, you’re going to regret it later. So you keep looking for any newspaper ads for the latest discounts available or you check out on the internet. But then there… Read More »



Shifting to a new place is a very tiring and cumbersome task and the overall experience leaves you all drained out both physically and mentally. First, you have to find a property that’s available at an affordable cost under your budget. So you have to change shifts or even take leave sometimes to go and check out the property. Then, if it’s another city you’re shifting to, then you must have at least a clue about your neighbourhood. If you land up in an area that’s like the hood of… Read More »


Swing the dots: A Game Full of Fun

Physics based games are always thrilling and addictive. I have a special favoritism for such physics based games which requires me to make a lot of action and keep me entertained for a long time. While some physics games are crazy, some are fun to play and some requires serious concentration. Swing the dots, on iTunes is different from them. It is a simple game of matching dots and it is not quite difficult to play. All you need to do is to make your timing right in the game…. Read More »