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Review of NC – Twitter Widget for Notification Center

Most of us are probably glued on Twitter to check the latest tweets or find who mentions our business brand or us elsewhere on Twitter. Instead of using a browser to access your twitter info all the time, you should let a widget like NC do all this for you in a convenient and reliable way. NC is a new app that allows you to see your timeline, retweet, favorite a tweet, or see what is favorite from your Twitter Notification Center. Just like other Twitter-related applications, you will need… Read More »


Word Puzzles For Fun – Real Fun !!

The rise of smart mobile devices comes with the rise of hundreds of gaming apps that are designed to give you entertainment even if you are on the go. The majority of the gaming applications you can download on your iPhone or iPad, while great, cannot fit in the preferences of those who are looking for something that can tickle their mental muscles. Fortunately, there’s Word Puzzles for Fun to stimulate your mind while keeping yourself emotionally engaged. What is Word Puzzles for Fun is? From its name, you won’t… Read More »


OneHive- Team collaboration made simple

Team collaboration is one of the biggest issues with working with a team is collaborating with everyone and making sure that everyone is on the same page. While there is a number of project management software available, most of them are too complex. Just learning them and getting everyone on the team to learn to use these software can take a good amount of time. So much so that it could take as much time as the project itself. If you are looking for a simple and easy to use… Read More »


Flyp- Segregate your life

Dual SIM smartphones are gaining in popularity today. All of us wish to segregate out personal and professional lives and these phones help us do the same. While they are pretty useful, they do not provide a complete segregation. Also, at times, we require more than just two SIM cards. An iOS app, Flyp, is here to sort out this issue for us. Flyp allows users to use up to 6 different numbers on a single smart phone. It can be quite a challenge to separate our personal lives from… Read More »


Wiper- Secure and private messaging app

Keeping in touch with your loved ones is almost a basic necessity for everyone. After all, man is a social animal. This can be a bit risky in the age of privacy leaks happening. Privacy is a growing concern by the day. The Wiper Messenger, an iOS app takes care of this for you. It helps you keep your messages private and your slate clean wipe. The basic idea is that the messenger helps you erase all your messages from your own phone and from your contact’s phone too! The… Read More »


DZ Puzzle: Challenging Puzzle Game !

The goal of this game is to connect starting and ending piece of a puzzle while avoiding some obstacles. There are over 120 levels in this game, and every level is harder than the previous. The key is to use logical thinking to connect the puzzle and move on to the next level. So let’s get started. When you open up the game, the first thing that appears is the start screen. The start screen is designed as the game itself, which is pretty nice. The start screen includes game’s… Read More »


iLoveIMG – Complete Package of Image Process Tools

Today we are doing a review of iLoveIMG, a web application which allows you to do basic editing of your images. We are going to analyze its features, test them on our own images, and present you with its pros and cons. So let’s get started. The first feature is the “Compress IMAGE” feature. It allows you to compress your JPG, PNG and GIF format images without losing quality. By compressing the image you reduce the file size significantly. We tested it on our image which was 600KB in size,… Read More »


Junior Coder: Educational App for Kids !

Today’s world is advancing at rapid speed- so many jobs that are now dominating the work force were, ten years ago, not even on the brink of the business world’s imagination. One of these new jobs that is taking the world of employment by storm is the job of Coding. In a world dominated by technology, Coders are extremely integral employees. Coding is the process that makes it possible for us to create and operate everything from computers to cell phones to websites, and so much more. Google alone employees… Read More »


Shryne- Preserving a digital archive of memories

Our life until now is defined by the memories we have created. It’s what we live by and what defines us. There are so many memories that might fade away with me. There are some that we wish to remember and cherish for a life time. Time spent with our near and dear ones is something we shall always cherish. Keeping these memories safe can be quite a task. This is where the iOS Shryne comes into the picture. Today, we spend a majority of our time online- chatting with… Read More »


Smoosh Ball- Can you get Smoosh back home safely?

There are some games that are so easy and addictive that they merely help you kill time. on the other hand, there are a set of games that push your skills to the limit and test where you stand in terms of your skills. The second type is the one that inspire you to push yourself to greater heights, polish your skills and excel at what you do. One such game is Smoosh Ball, an Android app that will put your skills to test. The aim of the game is… Read More »