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InboxMind: An inbox app with a mind of its own

When you are in a working environment where you receive a lot of mails, then it is important to pay attention to the most important ones first. Manually sifting them can indeed be a big headache. A smarter option is to use a smart inbox app that has a mind of its own and is capable of automatically reading your thoughts and prioritizing your inbox for you. You need to get the most in terms of output and comfort from your inbox app. if you are looking for such an… Read More »


XNSPY—the Best Mobile Spy Software against Online Predators

There are many dangers of internet that your child risk themselves at while going online. But there is one that can give sleepless nights to every parent. Kids just entering their teen life are too excited to socialize because hormones are bursting into the blood stream and there is too much excitement and emotions overload. Kids usually end up being too careless as a result. There are worst case scenarios where kids end up doing something very peculiar to themselves. Chatting with anonymous people, sharing mobile numbers and getting on… Read More »


Video Poker Deluxe: Poker + Slot Machines

Have you always dreamed of the thrill and excitement of Las Vegas but been too caught up in real life to visit the place? If you are one of the many who has gone through this, then Video Poker Deluxe, an iOS app, is here to bring the Vegas excitement to you right on your iOS device. Experience all the fun and excitement for free now. With this app, you can take the video poker fun with you anywhere you go. You no longer have to confine yourself. As soon… Read More »



Promoting your own brand on Instagram can be a pain in the tooth. Or if you’re running a hub, you need to attract a lot of eyes to make it popular. But when there’s already so much going on and so many pictures being uploaded daily, how’d you stand out from the crowd? Actually, you don’t need to be all that creative but you must choose wisely the art that you’ll display on your page. Reposting posts of other users is now getting very popular and the reason is pretty… Read More »



What was the last time when you had visited a gym for workout? One more question: what was the last time when you worked under a trainer? The answer to both the questions is same: you don’t remember, right? But when you’re working in shifts day and night and your schedule is as messed up as the paint book of a child, how can you expect yourself to be enrolled in for such an elite course of health supervision! A bigger crime would be to get enrolled and then making… Read More »



A fat belly is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to anybody. You attract more eyes than a beautiful girl on a road and it’s even worse when that same girl is looking at you with a smile. You know it’s not the same smile one would accept happily but it’s certainly the one you expected. So when you’re fed up with your life, you decide to change it to the better and you start going for a walk or jog in the park or even start climbing stairs… Read More »



Hunger can break down even the strongest. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman, child or even an animal, hunger strikes everybody with its hunter and nobody can survive that for long. We have seen many instances in the past where some areas were so poverty-stricken that food had to be supplied from other parts and when the packets were dropped from the helicopters, you could see them all fighting for that one bite of food. But today we’re here for a good cause because a NGO has developed… Read More »



The world is a beautiful place to explore. There are so many cultures to find out about, so many interesting people to know and so many marvels of nature and creations of man to cherish about that a lifetime seems to be a very short interval to do all that. But more than that, no one is as lucky as Morgan Freeman in Bucket’s List to have time as well as a Richie-Rich companion who can afford all the luxury in the universe. Of course, if you can plan a… Read More »



Ten years back, who’d have thought that interacting with friends, family and society would become so easy one day that you’d not have to even knock on your neighbour’s door to “keep in touch” with him. Who’d have thought that friends would still remain friends even if they haven’t met since the end of their college! Who’d have thought that even long-distance relationships can sustain! But take a look at the present world and you’d believe it. What’s more interesting is that even this generation is now shaping up into… Read More »



If a girl wants to adopt a pet, she would certainly like it be cute and beautiful. Someone she could pamper and decorate with beautiful accessories. That’s why they most often settle with a doll because she doesn’t mind whatever way you style her in. If you dress her in white, she’s happy. If you dress her in pink, she’s even happier. She never complains and that’s why she’s the best friend of your sweet child. On the boys’ side, they want a friend who’d play with them and become… Read More »


Sell Your Old Mobile Phones For Extra Cash – 4 Easy Steps

Selling your old mobile phones has never been so easy. You would have to go the local mobile market and visit as much shops as you can to get the most out of your mobile phone. Now you don’t need to visit the shops, instead you can sell your mobile online. There are several websites available that can help you in selling your old mobile phone. Recently one of the company got my attention because of its very positive reputation. The company is far better than the other’s in term… Read More »