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You know how the Green House effect works? Let me explain. When a ray of sunlight enters the glass windows of your car, they get inside without reflecting back because they’re high temperature rays and the glass turns transparent to them. So when the rays from inside are incident upon the same glass, they’re reflected back inside and that’s how the car warms up. That’s because the temperature inside the car is lower than the outside and the glass window turns opaque to them. This is the principle followed in… Read More »


AstroSecret- Astrology and modern sciences in one app

While love and tying the knot can give pure joy, it won’t be long before you will want to have a third little angel between the two of you. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. It is only when you begin trying that you will realise how complicated it can get, without the right amount of planning and caution, the process is almost impossible. If this is your first, then you will sure need some elderly guidance and help. What if we told you that you can… Read More »



When Newton established the concept of Gravity, he wouldn’t have thought what revolution he was about to bring to the world. The Law of Gravity serves as the base if we try to understand the mechanics of the whole universe. But what would have happened if we turn this law upside down? The gravity which was pulling us to the centre of the Earth till now suddenly starts pushing us into the sky? Wouldn’t that be a very fascinating idea for a writer to work upon? Could that be the… Read More »


OurCam: Photo sharing made simple

While there are many photo sharing apps out there, very few allow you to share within a specific friends group. If you are looking for an instant camera which allows you to share photographs and also chat with a small group of friends, then your search ends at OurCam. OurCam is an iOS developed by OurCam Co. Ltd. that has brings to you photo sharing, social networking and messaging all in a single app. If you are at a group event and would like to have all your photos in… Read More »



Typing a message on a small screen isn’t easy and that’s a universal truth just like the first law of Newton. Though the Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger these days and some of them are so big that you have to carry an additional suitcase to carry them (definitely not Note 3), it’s still not the same comfort that you enjoy with your laptops and PCs. Of course, there is a huge difference of a real keyboard and a virtual one and both have their own positives and negatives,… Read More »



We all like sharing our thoughts with our pictures. When a child breaks his piggy bank just to discover that he has saved much more than he thought, that smile is priceless and what’s better for a hash tag for that piggy bank than “magic in a box”! I know most of the viewers will agree to this. But you cannot ask for their favour every time. I mean what if your click isn’t as great as you though it was? There is a like button for your photos on… Read More »



Suppose I ask you to take a glass of water in your hands and deliver it from point A to point B. You’ll do it easily but it was certainly not interesting. But why is that? Well, maybe because it was not challenging at all. So let’s spice it up a little. Now, you have to carry the same glass of water but on one leg only. Certainly, the job becomes a nightmare for you. Now if your eyes are blindfolded as well, what was a mere handshake first becomes… Read More »


BabyTime : Your personal 24×7 baby sitter

If you are an expecting parent, the thought of how a baby can turn your life completely around can seem to be overwhelming and terrifying. Your sleep cycles, timelines and much more is about to change to accommodate this little special one. At the same time, you will want to take care of your little angel in the best possible manner. If you are feeling a sense of panic somewhere deep inside, the iOS app BabyTime – Baby Tracker for Breastfeeding, Nursing, Bottle Feeding, Sleep& Diapers is here to help… Read More »


Shadow Fight 2: Ultimate RPG game for Windows phones

Shadow Fight 2, a popular favourite among Android apps, is now available for Windows too. It brings to you a mix of RPG and fighting that will keep you hooked for hours on end. This, combined with the mind blowing martial arts techniques and animations make this game one that is a must-have for all Windows phones. Developed by NEKKI, the game has a lot of amazing features. The main aim f the game is a fight and a struggle for survival. There are numerous lethal weapons that add spice… Read More »


Solitaire Arena- Test your solitaire skills

Although newer games emerge every day in the market, there are some classics that never die out. They are meant to stay forever and are enjoyed by people of all ages alike. They include solitaire, chess, scrabble and many more. However, variations of these games with fun twists are being developed in the form of apps for the classic lovers. MavenHut Ltd. has developed an Android app Solitaire arena that builds up on the basic concept of the evergreen classic Klondike Solitaire. To add to the fun element, a social… Read More »