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Playing videos on a phone can be a headache. Most of the formats that are compatible with laptops are not compatible with iPhone or iPad. So we need to convert these videos to MP4 format first and then we can send them to our phone. Also, you don’t always have space for videos on your phone. After all, there are many other documents and files that are stored on your system and you can’t just delete them for the sake of entertainment. Subtitles also are another big problem while watching… Read More »



Playing strategy based games is always fun. Today, we have one such game in our review court called Shire Defense. This iOS app has been developed by Bohemia Touch and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 6.1 or any later version of the OS. Shire Defense is based in a small shire which has come under the attack of zombies, wizards, warriors, mages and orges. These 5 different types of enemies are merciless and their sole mission is to destroy your town. So you as… Read More »



We mostly keep only those documents and files in our phone that are important and can be asked for any moment. Similarly, we only keep our favourite music tracks and videos in our phone and that’s all because of space crunch. But imagine what if you urgently need a document that’s stored on your home PC or if someone asks for a picture that is stored in your PC. For such situations where you need your PC and you wish if you were home at that moment, here we have… Read More »



For a new musician to enter into mainstream arena, it can be a very difficult journey. A musician has nothing but talent of its own. But when you want to communicate your songs to millions around the world, it takes much more than just pure talent. The song must be as appealing visually as it is when someone listens to it. Now, one can create a good song if he’s a talented musician. But creating a good music video requires money at first hand. You need to hire a good… Read More »


Fancy Lock Screen Themes- Customise your iOS lock screen

Are you tired of your current iPhone or iPad lock screen wallpaper? Do you feel the need for a change? While it is easy to customise Android devices, the same does not apply to iOS. With the latest updates, Apple has made more space for customisations. It is possible to customise your device using iOS apps almost completely. One such app is Fancy Lock Screen Themes. This app uses a couple of innovative features to give a brand new look to your iOS lock screen. With Fancy Lock Screen Themes,… Read More »


Zombie Food: Eat your way to victory

The Zombie Apocalypse has just occurred as it does after specific intervals of time. Overnight, all the food has come to life. You are a small half-eaten fish that needs to survive this disaster. It’s either eat or be eaten. You’re surrounded by tomatoes, watermelons, meatballs and more that want to devour you. Thankfully, this hasn’t yet happened in real life. We’re talking about the iOS app ‘Zombie Food- No Candy for Halloween this year’. The game centreson the title. As a hungry fish, there are only certain ‘Zombie Foods’… Read More »



Everybody loves car racing and I’m not talking about Formula 1. Car racing games that put you on the front seat and make you feel the rush and thrill of driving an ultra-fast car are always enjoyed. They make you experience what many of you might never get a chance to. But after so many years, I think we need a new die to mould our games in. We have already seen what happens when a high-speed car hits an obstacle on the road – it breaks into pieces. But… Read More »



What usually happens is that people spend a lot of time in clicking the right picture. They try several different poses with different facial expressions and different backgrounds to capture the right mood. As we know, it takes much more than just buying a selfie stick to get a right selfie. After all this hard work, we finally manage to get the picture that we wanted. Then we apply some extra filters and finally the picture is ready to be uploaded. But even after all this hard work, the picture… Read More »


Inby- Your smart shopping partner

If you spend time shopping, you will definitely like clearance deals, sales and discounts. When you are given a chance to save money, why wouldn’t you grab it? Once you sign up with a store, they send a lot of helpful messages with offers. The problem is that these are too frequent and tend to get annoying. Having to filter them out from other messages and figuring out the ones important or relevant to you is a very tedious task. Most of them are not even applicable to you. This… Read More »



Nowadays, people refrain from visiting restaurants especially during their working hours. For example, if they have a lunch break of 1 hour, they’d go to a nearby food truck or start brining a lunch box from home. It’s not that they will be saving too much with such alternatives, but they don’t have so much time to complete their meal in the restaurant. What happens is that you visit a restaurant and place your order as soon as possible. But still you have to wait at least 15-20 minutes for… Read More »