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The games nowadays are too sophisticated and complex to even try your hands at. What was initially conceived as a source of amusement has now ventured into many new dimensions and the original concept of “fun” doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Obviously the graphics have improved and we’ve created a parallel world that’s superior to ours in many qualities (you can die and come back for example!), but we’re trying to create a world that we already have and the more effort it takes for the developers to create it,… Read More »



Life can be boring at times, especially when you’re alone right in the middle of a jam-packed football stadium. You came to visit Spain for a business meeting, got some spare time and thought of watching a La Liga match. But there’s nobody to accompany you. Now, the whole stadium is cheering for the home team, shouting louder than their ears can afford to listen and you’ve just bought a tub of popcorns that you won’t be sharing with anybody. These situations are quite frequent than we think and something… Read More »



There are two types of people: those who work alone and those who work in teams. Now, when you work alone, you’re solely responsible for the mistakes and you’re the lone creditor for any achievement. Basically, that’s how scientists work. You know the names of only those who have finally been able to achieve something after their lifetime’s hard work while there are many other silent workers who never managed to grab a handful of that limelight. But the whole world can’t work that way. You can’t rely on a… Read More »



Ever since the conceptualization of Match-3 puzzles, they are serving the human society with their full potential and unmatched loyalty. That’s why so many new puzzles are being created daily based on the same concept and many of them are doing really good. But does it take only the concept for a game to be liked by you or is there some other hidden ingredient in your recipe book that you’d like to add to it. Well for many in this digital period, playing against an inhumane character called computer… Read More »


Ramboat: Hero Shooting Game -Never Get Bored

Ramboat is a fantastic IOS game that is similar to the endless runner game known as JetPack Joyride. If you liked Jetpack joyride, then this game is going to blow off your mind. Ramboat Game description. Ramboat is a new exciting game that is very similar to the famous Jet Pack Joyride. The game allows you to control a virtual character known as mambo as he takes part in a crazy adventure that involves jumping and diving so as to avoid obstacles. The obstacles are many, and they include enemy… Read More »


MyMusaic, a Straightforward Slideshow Builder

MyMusaic, a product of MyMusaicInc, does exactly what it says on the tin: it allows the user to create photo slideshows matched to music. The app does not do much more than that, but what it does do it handles well enough to be worth the download. There are two main features offered by MyMusaic. The first is the aforementioned photo slideshows. The second is the creation of events,’ which can be accessed through a secret code given to other attendees. These shared albums allow multiple users to upload content,… Read More »


Learn&Play Languages : Easy and Effective App

Learn and Play Languages, an app developed by CoolForest Publishing, is a simple language learning app ideal for travelers. While it does require payment for more advanced phrases, basics such as greetings, directions, and money terms are offered without charge. Unlike some other language programs, Learn and Play languages offers enough that a traveler who wants to be able to communicate necessities in a foreign country will find even the free app very useful. As free language learning apps go, Learn and Play Languages can certainly be counted among the… Read More »



Remember Chip and Dale? It used to be the most entertaining and fun-filled half-hour of my whole day. Glued to the TV screen, it was always fun watching them fight over those trivial acorns. In fact, by the time I had become accustomed to the show, even that acorn had become as precious to me as “the ring to the Gollum”. So do you want to relive those memories? At least you’d like your children to know about them, right? So let’s go on a hunt of those acorns. But… Read More »


Apple Unveils Latest Updates and Developments at Worldwide Developer’s Conference

  This past June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, the company unveiled some exciting changes, upgrades, and additions to its current collection of products and technology. The intention of this conference was geared toward developers, rather than consumers, to unveil its latest breakthroughs and new technologies. The attending developers were excited to hear about the new changes, such as the launch of Apple’s new music-streaming service. This new service offers music lovers a more interactive way to be a part of the music community via live… Read More »



Learning a new language is probably the toughest course in your school curriculum. You have to start from base zero learning alphabets and words to get acquainted with the basic structure of the language. You not only have to spell them correctly but the phonetics also needs to be correct to finally be able to communicate in that particular medium. But have you ever noticed that you learn your mother tongue very easily and early in your age but learning another language in the later years is not that simple…. Read More »