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Nothing brings a bigger smile on your face than a free public Wi-Fi. Now you can browse anything at a lightning fast speed without spending a penny from your pocket. So while the attendance of lectures might fall short for many students, the university is always full of them; thanks to free Wi-Fi in the university campus. But many times, these free services can prove very costly to you. Not that they’ll send a copy of the bill for all your data charges, but these public hotspots are full of… Read More »


Total phone protection with LEO Privacy Guard

It is not unusual for smartphone users to become victims of privacy breach, of stolen information, of identity theft, and of exposure of personal beliefs and practices. In order to combat all these and much more, the android phone has made available the LEO privacy guard. With the LEO privacy guard, all you information is safely locked away and your hands are free from constant locking and unlocking for your own use and if your co-worker or family needs to use your phone. It is by far the best privacy… Read More »


7dayz App: Stories from places & people ‘Nearby’ from last 7dayz

7dayz is a onetime location App which is based on visual stories. With 7dayz apple app you get the experience of sharing and discovering moments, Experiences and Journeys happening right away. The app makes life simple and unique by allowing the user to discover the visual stories from those they love like friends, or people they love and places they live. 7dayz is outstanding in that you get the updates on time and as they happen and those which are popular from the last 7dayz. On your instance the app… Read More »



History is boring. It is a remark that you’d have heard a million times in your high school. Almost everybody hates history; but why? Well, one of the obvious reasons is that there are so many dates, years and names to remember that it becomes a tonnage to lift on your head. Second, and the more important one, is that students don’t find a meaning to their learning. Their obvious question is, “What’d I get by reading all this?” At once, I think they’re right because we haven’t told them… Read More »



Well, how many times has it happened that you’re playing Ludo with your whole family, you need number 9 to win the game, you throw the two dices in a magical style hoping that it would influence the outcome and it does when a 6 and a 3 rolls down but the dice falls off-board? You show over-excitement hoping to despise the whole family but your act is caught in-between and your turn is called off. Then there is a player among you who has a trick to change the… Read More »


Reducing Files Size with the Movavi Video Converter Review

Considering many people have terabytes worth of storage on their hard drives nowadays, they tend to be less and less concerned with storage space. That being said, video can still eat up a big chunk of it – especially high definition (HD) videos in 1080p. On top of that, while your desktop PC may have terabytes worth of storage, your mobile devices probably only have somewhere between 16 and 64 gigabytes of storage instead – so being able to reduce the file size of your videos will definitely come in… Read More »


nPlayer – Stay Connect Easily with Music !

It’s been quite long since we came across a video player that really plays it all–every video with rare codec or different file format. To the relief of every iPhone user, Nplayer is here as the mother of all media players. It supports all kinds of media formats, eliminating the hassle of converting videos into playable formats. Performance Keeping to the terms of a stable video player, nplayer has the tendency to play any video or display images in a stable, lag-less manner. It delivers robust performance while supporting H.264/MPEG… Read More »


Bloons TD 5 : Game for hours of Excitement

The Bloons TD 5 app is a tower defence having an unrivalled depth and good replay-ability. This app allows you to build up awesome towers, hire the new and coolest special agents and even choose the most favourable upgrades. Also, popping the every last invading Bloon in the most popular version of the Tower Defence Series. The Bloons app is engaging, attractive, delivers hours of fun and the most exciting app ever created. It is very compatible with I devices including the iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. It features -Cool… Read More »


DU Battery Saver- Battery woes solved

Today, the biggest concern with regards to smart phones is battery consumption. All you wish after a long day is that your device lasts until you reach home safe and sound. While software and other hardware have progressed over time, battery has not improved significantly. DU Battery Saver, an Android app, has got your back for this thankfully. Our devices have this annoying habit of dying out when we need them most. This is cause of the many apps and calls and messages that can drain out your battery in… Read More »


DU Speed Booster- Optimise your phone performance

When you think about the problems in your smart phone, the first one that pops into your head is battery consumption. However, most of us fail to realise the importance of speed and efficiency. Imagine a scenario where an app takes so long to open on your phone that you would rather not use it. And this is not the fault of the app but your phone because it is not efficient. This is where speed comes into the picture. Having a smart phone that runs very slowly is really… Read More »